Turned against environmental rectification, or affect Led ice buckets manufacturing

China Central environmental protection inspectorate 4 inspectors to foshan, to conduct the environmental supervision YingJian work! Leaders at all levels personally led the scene inspector supervisory control as a result, collaborative public security law enforcement. environmental law enforcement officers on the closure discharge enterprises. Both to investigate a number of illegal enterprises, also want to set up a batch of good typical enterprise.

News today “environmental protection turned against the firms are to keep factories and workers idle and non-standard important origin of foshan lion mountain closure of 22, 63 companies was held to check, shunde price rotary header stainless steel and cartons are sold out of stock, after this year building materials hardware enterprise whether the holiday in advance” news in the media blasted pot.

According to the survey more than that: it is a joint law enforcement, shut down is not only environmental protection does not pass, there are many more procedures incomplete, unrealized “project examination and approval first, then built on plant equipment and so on complete programs”, were all closed. All jobs workers must hold relevant certificates and requirements, whether you’re running a forklift or crane, or welders, polisher,… Do not conform to the requirements of all closed.

Environment impact on the economy is obvious, especially the policy more directly, and the influence of manufacturing nearly period of time in “supply chain supply rising raw material prices,” the storm, it was the same as Led ice buckets industry. However recently from upstream “guangdong environmental protection regulation for many manufacturing enterprise production regulation” it is definitely icing on the cake for the current manufacturing blow – in today’s supply chain cooperative engagement, inescapably, production out of stock directly affect the downstream enterprises upstream raw material supply.

The guangdong environmental protection a clampdown on building materials hardware enterprise influence, bear the brunt of the die casting aluminum industry is affected, a lot of is not in conformity with the provisions of the state of die-casting aluminum enterprises suspended in the clean up close, it may also will be on the die casting aluminum Led ice buckets industry supply chain impact – in general, manufacture substandard its product price is relatively low, and rectify the unqualified enterprises, their upstream downstream enterprise only to those with strength and qualification of large enterprises, product quality improvement at the same time, the cost price is also relatively increase, the Led ice buckets die-casting aluminum housing costs will be relatively rise, on the other hand the regulation surface is wide, the range of strength is very strong, so in the future for a long time, die-casting aluminum enterprise productivity will be affected, serious falling capacity is likely to impact on industry upstream die-casting aluminum delivery time. Currently the industry people have said: “the hardware” don’t buy January a big rise in price now, mark-up only high not low!

The current wholesale Led ice buckets industry is in the midst of encapsulation and PCB board out of stock “disaster”, and if even die casting aluminum housing that piece of began to “turmoil”, screen companies are more sad. In the so-called history’s most severe in the regulation of the pollution treatment, although many companies suffered a certain effect, but at the same time we must notice this suspended its closed enterprise is more a way of low-end low-quality companies do not meet the provisions of the state standards, to purify the market return, product quality has great benefits.

Although the current increase in the price of Led ice buckets manufacturing industry faces a shortage, heavy taxes, enterprise credit detection, combined with the policy of the pollution treatment and so on pressure now,as the reform of the state encourages the supply side and consumer upgrades, and eliminate the low capacity of pollution, coupled with the big market reshuffle, various policy index rising, consumer product safety and quality improving of science and technology, the change is all good for the markets of the future


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