Traditional manufacturing wane, LED ice buckets industry to embrace of intelligent manufacturing

I have Visited to the 18th annual China international optoelectronic exposition. Maybe you also have worried at the fair to see what they want to know at the first, but to go to the exhibition site, but let me by surprise.

Entered the shenzhen convention and exhibition center, No 2 booth found this pavilion is LED ice buckets technology and application exhibition. Generally, no. 2 pavilion shows the LED devices and LED display. Go progress, all kinds of LED equipment (SMT machine, packaging, solid crystal, reflow soldering, production lines and other equipment) is mind-boggling.

led ice bucket
More makes me very happy, the LED technology and application exhibition let me more to see our LED Ice Bucket Party Cooler intelligent manufacturing industry in the future.

LED Ice Bucket Party Cooler

The advantage of traditional China as a manufacturing power is gradually weakened, in manufacturing in China, the 78 years of history, the fourth transition is over. In 36 years, when after the fourth transformation we have three major advantages, cost advantages, scale advantages, institutional advantages, basically lost. Is the world’s most terrible loss of capacity, suddenly lost the core competitive ability.

According to the Boston consulting group study in 2013, when the average cost of manufacturing goods in the United States was only 5% higher than in China. Low cost regions in the United States, in 2015, the production has become as cost-effective and produced in China. Even more alarming is that by 2018, the United States manufacturing cost will be cheaper than China 2-3%.
This is the situation facing our manufacturing. Economy is at the core of manufacturing, it is important to the production department. Services are born around manufacturing, if manufacturing out of the question, then the economy will be in a huge whirlpool. The so-called assets and capital of the game, also becomes a castle in the air and water without source. So, in any case, China’s Color Changing LED Ice Bucket manufacturing enterprises have to think about transformation.

Color Changing LED Ice Bucket


In 2016, is China’s “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning” the start of the implementation. Premier li keqiang on April 6, the state council executive meeting once said “we are going to play a game of ‘battle’ manufacturing, with advanced standard reversed transmission” made in China “upgrade.” Under the guidance of much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, China will adhere to the standard lead, the construction of manufacturing powerhouse, is structural reform, especially the supply side of the structural reform important content, is conducive to improve the supply, demand, promote the industry towards the high-end products.

In the country, driven by the “made in China” is gradually transforming to “wisdom made in China”. Under this background, the LED ice buckets industry as one of the 11 emerging industry in China, the transformation of the road way resistance and long. At present, our country most LED manufacturing companies still rely on manpower, equipment, old machines, production lines, aging phenomenon is serious, the situation will exist for a long time.

Under the backward production levels, product quality cannot be guaranteed. In the past for a long time, “made in China” to the pronoun of manufactured abroad. China’s manufacturing sector need to change China’s image, therefore, need to change. The intelligent manufacturing in LED ice buckets industry also gradually was put on the agenda.

As the saying goes: Noah dead trees, people move. This show is the importance of change. Part of China’s LED enterprises are also aware of the crisis, and begin to make the change. In the LED ice buckets industry, we actually have to change the entrepreneurs, such as wood Tomlinson Sun Qing haun, fila acoustics ZhuangShenAn, and so on.

See its from the surface of wood Tomlinson, size and price advantage, in the field of LED. But their real competitiveness comes from the relatively high degree of industrial automation, as well as strong technology and production control ability, it is to make the industry. It is this, made them not to duplicate success. It is understood that they solid crystal crystal everyone 8-12 sets of operation, even up to 12-16 sets, far higher than the industry level of 3-4 sets.
Yaming lighting and recently announced a “domestic first LED intelligent automatic production line put into production”, it is alleged that the intelligent full automatic on new LED bulb lamp, T8 tubes project, based on the Internet, the Internet of things, using fully automated intelligent production, is the world’s first fully automated production line, adopt the advanced image recognition technology, the control function is greatly increased. Can say intelligent manufacturing, indeed, in the LED ice buckets industry has run away.

At the same time under the background of intelligent manufacturing, many LED companies start to chase. Mitsuo aurora, the its, marsh, swan goose electric appliance, the sunlight illumination, and many other enterprises have to intelligent production line. And the author during the period of visit CIOE 2016, also saw the jiada electronics, ASM, including suzhou new yi chang family, photoelectric, dazzle pegatron photoelectric, cui tao automation, Long Sheng photoelectric LED and photoelectric equipment manufacturers to launch the latest automation, intelligent production equipment and production lines
Dazzle photoelectric to recognize at CIOE 2016 automatic production lines for LED bulb light

Admittedly, the intelligent transformation of China’s LED ice buckets industry is still at the primary stage and to explore the change of enterprise is relatively low. But in excess capacity and the Internet under the two hungry Wolf chasing, enterprises have to seek change in order to survive.

Many LED manufacturing companies should see their own development. If, while production of low efficiency, severe resource waste and phase out of business, need to find ways to improve the production facilities, you can refer to industrial norm steps of 4.0 points in the practice of periodic intelligent transformation; Or be brave, to break the original production mode completely. Also do a innovation including production equipment, redesigned completely conform to the industrial production mode, 4.0 hardware such as intelligence, etc.

The LED is China go in the world is in front of industry, realize the intelligent production, or the next round of the most effective way of competition. From 2016, CIOE LED ice buckets industry chain in China has gradually realized the significance and functions of intelligent manufacturing. Believe in the common efforts of the whole industry chain, LED ice buckets industry in China implement in China 2025 is just around the corner!


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