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LED Ice bucket v2.0 coming: blindfolded challenge is Popular in America

On western social networks, photos like this one, of people going out with blinders on, little video, have a hashtag: #BirdBoxChallenge

Birds and boxes for LED Ice Buckets? What does it have to do with led ice bucket acrylic being blindfolded?

led ice buckets from youtube picture

In fact, “Bird Box” is the title of Netflix’s latest r-rated god thriller.

The English name really doesn’t make sense, so Netflix sweetly gave it a Chinese name, “blindfold”.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, without overstating the plot, here’s what it’s about:

A sudden disaster befell the earth, people outside the room with their eyes open will be controlled by mysterious demons, some people will see the passing of their loved ones, some people will feel extreme fear, some people will be deceived by the extremely beautiful scene, will commit suicide on the spot. To get out of control, you have to be in the room, and you have to wear a blindfold outside.
In this disaster, Mallory, a single mother, tries to protect her children because they are the only source of courage for her to continue to live.
With such a setting as “blindfold free control led ice bucket acrylic“, a large number of pictures of wearing eye masks naturally appear in the film.

led ice buckets picture

Sandra bullock as Mallory:
The leading male character, Tom, is played by Trevante Rhodes, best picture Oscar winner for moonlight:

In the period after the initial disaster, people gradually learned how to live blindfolded. Blind as they were, they were at least largely free to go out and collect food and tools, though that was dangerous.

Retreat 10 thousand pace, want the window to have keep out only in the room, can open an eye at ease, just want to be on guard against somebody to do damage intentionally…
In the film, Mallory has to cover his eyes every once in a while, take the children out to collect necessities and survival clues, and train the children’s blindfolded perception and survival ability with ice bucket with led light.

Finally, they found a way out. Even though the path was extremely difficult, full of unknown dangers and temptations that might kill them, Mallory decided to take one last desperate attempt to keep her children alive.
There are probably A lot of fans who immediately think of another movie: A Quiet Place.
Both films are sensual: in blindfold, you accidentally open your eyes and are controlled by a demon, while in silent land, you make a little noise and are seized by a monster.

Their plot people set are a bit similar, so that some people make fun of “blindfolded” is copied “silent” homework…
In the past, Netflix has released a number of so-called “data-driven” genre movies, which contain a large number of elements that the algorithm thinks the audience will like ice bucket with led light.
Thriller, science fiction is the most important type of this film, plot boring, forced reversal, set routines, acting generally does not matter, as long as the marketing to keep up with will certainly be seen – a bit like in the domestic literally shoot a ghost film can earn back the meaning of the box office.
Many of you probably thought led light ice bucket blindfolded was one of those movies before you clicked in.
Not really!

The Settings of the film are also diverse, which have experienced riots in the streets, secret rooms, a turbulent river that may die at any time, and the dangerous jungle and other scenes, without the fatigue of a single scene.
The main creator’s treatment of the source of the thriller is quite advanced, especially in one scene, the characters are crowded in the invisible car, using the obstacle sensing system to drive, to avoid the invisible devil, creating a new tension.
Most important of all, the film (original and novel) explores an extremely simple thriller set: when the surroundings become dark, when a person’s vision is the most dependent on sensory temporarily blocked, know must die, but in order to always yearned for the good, always looking for salvation, and in order to protect the children, protection of innocence and goodness, you are willing to open your eyes and face the fear itself?
Blindfolded went live over the New Year holiday and was watched more than 45 million times in its first week, according to Netflix. That translates to a third of all Netflix subscribers who have already seen the film.
Among those users, YouTube lifestyle blogger Morgan Adams may not have invented the led champagne ice bucket challenge, but he was probably the first to do it…
She posted her ’24 hour blindfold challenge’ on YouTube, where she recorded herself driving to a fast food restaurant with friends, going to the window with a blindfold, flirting with the waiter…

Later, they went to the casino New Year’s eve, wearing eye masks to play gambling machines, still in the hotel to imitate the film in the rapids plot, almost killed by escalator…

The 24-hour blindfold challenge has been watched more than 1.8 million times in three days, with more than 110,000 thumb up so far:

At the same time, a large number of “blindfolded Challenge for led ice bucket” video also began to appear on the Internet, has become a “LED Ice bucket Challenge” after another social network virus phenomenon trend.
There are those who throw their children in bathtubs for scare education…

It’s the scene where the kid falls into the water and Mallory goes for it

There are children who simply run for their lives and leave:

There is a confusion between reality and film:

There are drifters on the street (kidding) :

And then there are the purely funny ones:

“I want my mom to see things from my perspective.”

“What excuse do you have for someone who can look after two children blindfolded?”

Netflix’s official account also weighed in:
I didn’t expect to say this, but don’t let the Bird Box challenge hurt you! We don’t know how it started, but we are grateful for the love everyone gave us. But the boy and the girl only have one New Year’s resolution: don’t go to the hospital because of playing tricks.
Even ABC, the us television network, is getting in on the action. On Wednesday’s good morning America, the blindfolded challenge was broadcast live:

Here want to say: American friends, you are really too! No! To chat! !
But for the siliconians, there is something to be found in this boring challenge.
While many netizens have taken part in the blindfolded challenge, others have opposed its popularity: “this is different from the last LED Ice bucket challenge. The gang had a good time and didn’t end up donating money to any charity. (and played himself hurt). “”

That’s true. Originally intended to fund prevention research and treatment for ALS, the LED Ice bucket challenge required either a donation or a bucket of ice with three participants. The LED Ice bucket challenge started with foreign bigwigs, most of whom donated money and poured cold water, with the former as the core purpose and the latter as a way to generate buzz.
And this “blindfold challenge”, if exclude oneself to ceng the hot spot to earn to broadcast quantity besides Netflix, more be like a netizen spontaneous, the virus that is purpose for fun spreads an event.

The challenge is over, the heat is gone, and the world is no better for it.

Why not take this opportunity to make it better?

Now, there is another voice that is beginning to call for not taking part in the challenge (mainly for safety reasons), but it would be nice to ask people to donate money to the charitable foundation for the blind — even more to help the blind around you.

Siliconians do think that people with a heart (and a lot of money) can take part in the blindfold challenge, using video and the like, and using the event itself as a call to action to raise awareness about the blind.
Blind people have one less sense than us, but they also want to protect the goodness and beauty of the world, just like the heroine who tries her best in the movie.

The world’s first LED runway, in this shape…

Each a pair of running shoes came to this world, want to be put on it in the wind like teenager. It is speed to follow the heart, mood, free end point was the azure, behind is a procession.

led runway

For those of you who like to run at night, after a day of study, it’s not fun to run in the lighted playground. Nike built a sports stadium in Manila to promote LunarEpic running shoes. The 200 meters, surrounded by LED screens, creates a movement experience in the intersection of light and shadow.

led runway picture
The entire run is not the round track we normally see, but a “8” type of race. The inspiration came from Nike’s shoes. And it’s designed to save a lot of building space by running to the same length.

Just magnify the shoe to 100 times. (80 m * 20 meters)
Is this a beautiful runway that makes you want to run twice? This is a race track that you can run against yourself, assuming you have a pair of expensive LunarEpic running shoes (about 1,399 yuan). Each pair of shoes has sensors that track everyone’s movements using ultra-precise RFID technology.
In order to make the sport more interesting, on the run to the design, the entire ran is not smooth all the way, but increased the uphill and the downhill, make run more interesting. (after all, it’s only 200 meters, as rich as possible in a finite length.)

Let’s see how we can race ourselves. When you run the first lap, your speed will be LED by sensors on the shoes on the screen capture, when you run the second circle, the LED screen will appear your image, and moves at the speed of your first lap. There are also many led ice buckets are showing around the runway.

led ice buckets

In this case, every running LED screen in your lap will give you an image of the moving speed of your last lap. In this way, every lap of your lap is racing against your own. Well, that’s interesting.
Not only that, but Nike also offers different kinds of players in the screen. There are walking and runners, and Nike’s own athletes.

You can choose according to their exercise habits of different partners who practice partner, of course, the LED screen can present basic portrait, if one day you male god or goddess can also appear in practice partner personnel database, so can not running with male god everyday? Is it interesting to fantasize about transcending the male gods? Run all the way to 30 people at once.

Can say, this is the world’s most innovative training track, and it is the most famous designer creative planning advertising company than hz (BBH), the planning company from Singapore had cooperation with many well-known brands of the world, to create classic works.

In the awards sponsored by the international association for digital arts and sciences, they presented the 2017 webby award for the LED runway made by NIKE.

In Manila, the runway is also a must-have sport. Don’t play for others, compete against yourself, challenge yourself.
Of course the image is clear in the evening, so it’s definitely the best night run.

How does Led ice buckets drive the real economy in China

China Set up the new central district of hebei male.With the shenzhen and the pudong new area of the same rose to national level,it belongs the state affairs. These words are beyond the meaning of shenzhen and the pudong new area. Countries announced in xiong county, AnXin, should the city after three county set up a male Ann district, baiyangdian peace has been broken overnight. From Beijing, tianjin, shanxi, heilongjiang and other investors, real-estate carrying cash into here. Although the three counties of hebei male Ann district (xiong county, AnXin, round city) has stopped all real estate transactions,Another as following shenzhen, pudong “plan, the affairs of state” in one thousand, is still able to withstand the appeal to investors.

However, the real estate economy cannot replace the real economy in the position in China’s economic structure. As the market economy, the real estate bubble is the product of market economy. Led ice buckets industry as an important part in the real economy, in the fierce competition in the economic form, is moving towards maturity.

As well known, the global leading producer LED ice buckets industry in China, while China’s industrial chain mainly concentrated in shenzhen. According to incomplete statistics, shenzhen has LED ice buckets industry and the whole industry chain to the size of the supporting manufacturers, nearly thousands of, occupy industry market share of 80%. Good location advantage and a complete industrial chain, broad market, rich human resources and simplify the administrative examination and approval procedures, flexible policies to guide, and the activity of capital market… A series of unique advantages makes shenzhen LED ice buckets industry hatchery.

Guangdong LED industry ranking first in the country. Among them, the policy support and guidance to the development of LED industry has played a vital role. Guangdong province had organized by the experts in the province to carry out the six large-scale research, fully USES the principle of industry geographic ecological information system and technology roadmap LED industry development in guangdong province, comprehensive analysis of present situation and existing problems of industrial development, established the “catch two head with” technology research train of thought and action, formed on the breakthrough of the core technology in the LED industry competitiveness report “, promote the LED industry development provides an important guidance.

Shenzhen in 2009 officially released the LED industry development planning (2009-2015). Implementation of a batch of high starting point, quick effect and obvious energy saving benefit LED ice buckets industry application demonstration projects, the government to attract global LED industry of shenzhen city agglomeration, make high-end LED industry chain, to build the global and national important LED industry research and development production base.
Thus it can be seen that China’s economic growth mode is always can’t rely on real estate to a scale. Policy guidance and support in the process of the development of the real economy has made an indelible contribution.

The development of LED ice buckets industry
Led ice buckets industry is in a high-speed development stage. After decades of development, from its birth, germination, growth, growing, mature, both in product form, ice buckets industry technology, photoelectric technology, adopted by the control mode, or the product application field, the application scope of the market, the business model behind the products, have changed a lot. Scale, standardized development of Led ice buckets industry also prompted the vigorous development of LED ice buckets industry, promote domestic Led ice buckets industry ecological rewrite.
LED ice buckets industry development has experienced three stages
Before 1990 the growth of the LED ice buckets industry formation period. On the one hand, restricted by the LED material device, the application of LED ice buckets industry field was wide open, on the other hand, ice buckets industry control technology is basically a communication control mode, objectively affect the ice buckets industry effect. This period of LED ice buckets industry widely used abroad, domestic rarely, product is given priority to with red, green double colors, control method for the communication control, grey scale for single point 4 adjustable grey, the cost of the product is quite high.

From 1990 to 1995, LED ice buckets industry a fast developing period. Into the ninety s, growth in the global information industry and information technology fields constantly breakthroughs, LED ice buckets industry in LED materials and control technology has been the emergence of new results. Blue LED chip developed, full color LED ice buckets industry to enter the market; In the field of electronic computer and microelectronics technology development, appeared in the ice buckets industry control technology video control technology, a gray level to achieve 16 grayscale and gray level 64 grey, the dynamic ice buckets industry of the ice buckets industry effect is greatly improved. This one phase, the LED ice buckets industry development speed is very fast in our country, from the initial development of several enterprises, annual output value of tens of millions of yuan to dozens of enterprises, the annual output value hundreds of millions of yuan.

Since 1995, the development of LED ice buckets industry screen into an overall steadily improve the industrial structure adjustment period. Formed at the same time, the Led ice buckets industry internal competition, many small and medium-sized enterprises, product prices dropped sharply, wider application fields, products in such aspects as quality, standardization, appear a series of new problems, the relevant departments attach importance to the development of LED ice buckets industry and appropriate specifications and guidance. Led ice buckets industry of our country after years of development, the basic form a batch of backbone enterprises of a certain scale. In the domestic market, domestic LED ice buckets industry market share of nearly 100%, basic no market for the same products abroad, 43 the world main tianjin sports center, beijing-kowloon railway, Beijing west railway station, the capital airport, pudong international airport, etc., are representative of the domestic companies won the bid. Lead the level of technology.

Can be seen from the history of the Led ice buckets industry, the development of an industry takes time precipitation, also need a good policy environment. By the same token, the male AnXin the development manufactures kung fu can be built. Therefore, male Ann new area to become the second shenzhen or pudong new area, the second depends on the real economy and development. “Real estate hot” this kind of behavior can not for a long time, also can’t tolerance. Through the current policy of the government, heading towards the real economy.
Although the current economy after entering the new normal, economic development growth is slowing, but the new economic growth point is constantly emerging, how we need to transfer energy to the development of local government on the real economy. Therefore, only like LED companies get the healthy development of the real economy, can the effective use of social resources to produce a positive and important role. And LED companies can adhere to in the development of process industry production standards, actively respond to a nation called on, based on enterprise innovation and personnel training, quality of small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprise transformation, eliminate the real low end of the small and medium-sized enterprises, China’s real economy and will be presented to the development of the world a better place.

It is not only solar mobile power supply blow gas but also LED lights

However,Here introduce this LuminAID, the biggest characteristic is to fully consider the applicability of the outdoor.The organic combination of solar energy withlighting features such as together, realizes the convenient application experience.

At ordinary times, it is only a very thin square plastic sheet which can hang on the bag, absorb the solar energy.

Blow a little bit about the gas, LuminAID will expand, into a square lamp, with a small handle implementation in the outdoor lighting experience.

LuminAID brightness of 150 lumens can adjust the brightness.The longest lighting time is 50 hours, very suitable for outdoor adventure, camping.

Even better, it also supports IP67 waterproof,it can be submerged in a meter depth and not damaged, so even if it rains also can be used normally.

Finally, LuminAID or a mobile power supply, built-in 2000 mah battery, although unable to mobile phone is full of electricity, but as a standby power is clearly qualified. The most important of all, support solar energy to make it more practical, a day can be full of, basically, of course, also can use the USB charging for led ice buckets.

It is worth mentioning that LuminAID team also are very concerned about charity, had been to Greece for free 1000 provides a simplified version of the solar energy lamp; March will also cooperate with charitable organization, providing aid to the refugees, the raise of this money will be used for the rescue.

LuminAID price is $35.It has been successfully completed all the raise, will begin shipping in March.

Luminous LED ice AD Bar bucket 7 colour change

Plastic material led ice buckets – 9806 product category wine style European article number printed LOGO can brand the sun lighting design pure color microwave oven, not with the color red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white case number 50 / box trade properties shall be applicable to the domestic trade gift giving occasions public relations planning, wedding, opening ceremony, business gifts, birthday, employee benefits, fairs, the anniversary celebration, advertising promotions, holiday, the memory of disposable supplies no suite number 5 head packaging specifications: 24 * 23 * 25.5 CM / 1 PCS gross weight: 956 g net weight: 622 g – Luminous led ice buckets features

led ice buckets

Decorative supplies this product is popular all over the world, high-grade appearance beautiful, novel, environmental protection, abound change. Can form a complete set of remote controller, power adapter. Start switch can automatically after seven different variations of the light, the pause button to lock in a certain color, advanced visual enjoyment, more add profusion colour of life. Product shell is made of PE plastic a environmental protection material forming, there are all kinds of size and style, different style (according to individual be fond of and environmental collocation designing novel style and appearance), using the LED color pattern (RGB) principle, the available remote control slow, rapidly changing color, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, seven kinds of color and brightness. Can also be fixed in a certain color.

Luminous LED ice AD Bar bucket

Suitable for home interior decoration lamp, improve the quality of life, such as room, living room, office, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and so on, make the space romance,. Also can be used as a potted plant flowers potted plants in the living room, courtyard, garden, park, subway, city roads beautify the environment, the style is novel, with convenient transport, not afraid, not afraid to fall, not afraid of weathered, resistance to wear. The shell material: PE plastic – polyethylene. Material performance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation good (especially high frequency insulation) and the melting point of low pressure polyethylene, rigidity, hardness and high strength, small water imbibition, good electric properties and radiation resistance; High pressure polyethylene softness, elongation, impact strength and permeability is better; Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene high impact strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance. Wholesale led ice buckets with remote control.

wholesale led ice buckets

Infrared remote control distance: > = 4 m
There are 8 buttons on the infrared remote control, for the open key, play/pause button, adjust how quickly + / – keys, color brightness transformation, custom color keys and reset button
Key: open boot automatically run the default color gradient transfer mode, respectively is red – green – blue – orange – white – pink, purple
Play/pause button: color conversion to is your favorite color according to suspend

Brightness adjustment + / – button: there are 4 brightness control
Color changes how key: can custom color conversion speed
Custom colors button: this button according to a defined a color; Respectively red – green – blue – orange – white – pink, purple, if after cycle returns to the red color will run in jump way
Reset button: reset to the default program colorful luminous ice bucket, LED ice bucket, plastic luminous ice bucket, suitable for bar, hotel, and entertainment places.
Can be used to adjust the mood, increase the romantic hazy appeal, suitable for ice beer, wine, drinks, etc.
There are a variety of colors and lighting effects to choose from.

Easy to use, simply start at the bottom of the switch. Features: colorful color, charge, remote control. (battery, there are three versions: a. b. charging, c., and remote control model) is applied to the family, hotels, hotels, clubs, bars, casinos and other indoor public places decoration and ornament effect craft: rotomolding technology, PCB and electronic components, injection, pad printing, all process meet EN71, ASTM F963, ROSH standard (heavy metal content) = = = = = = purchase guidelines our factory specializing in the production of various kinds of PE furniture lamp act the role ofing, hotel decoration and bar supplies, etc., has a high strength anti shock and corrosion resistance, for liquid chemicals and oil has a strong resistance, waterproof level can reach more than 48, but this advantage at the same time also has become a big disadvantage, in adornment can change on modelling, it is hard to make decorative coating, unable to injection and pad printing, many guests for some had to give up their information outside and logo, and so on. But the design is novel, let you fondle admiringly, exported to Europe and the United States, combined with years of company development, now our company has formed a complete set of advanced production and sales system, provide timely and convenient services to our customers, after receiving the order will be in the fastest time delivery. The price is reasonable, quality assurance, let you get the most satisfactory services. Main products include: LED bar table lamp, charging candlestick, resin imitation antique ashtray, bar rechargeable candle light and a series of leisure and entertainment products! At present, the country more than 600 bars in using our LED rechargeable table lamp! Got the recognition and support of customers! The product unceasingly in the update! Plastic technology introduction — –
Roll forming is also called the spiral model, Rotational molding, Rotational molding, Rotational molding, rotary forming, such as English expression for Rotational Moulding. Roll forming process is first will join the rest of the mould of plastic raw materials, and then die along two vertical axis rotation and heating, a mould of plastic raw materials under the action of gravity and thermal energy, evenly coated, gradually melt adhesive on the entire surface of the cavity, forming the shape of the required, then through shaped by cooling products.

Processing of plastics and its composites molding process there are many kinds of, in addition to our common extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, plastic and plastic products of a processing method. Plastic industrial development soon, at present, foreign and domestic due to various factors, such as slower processing cycle and the limit of the material used, rotomolding industry development speed is lower than other plastic molding processing industry.
Plastic Led ice buckets is important to note that the production efficiency is very low, typically a product must in 30 to 60 minutes before the time of production, including forming, cooling, disassembling mold. So the quantity of the products is by the number of the mould, can rotate multiple mould computer at the same time production. With the remote control, can choose a color, can also be colorful change, take charge, charge can work 6 hours luminous ice bucket: it can glow in the dark. Switch on/off button when super bright leds shining through, and reflected the ice, to illuminate the whole barrel. That looks great, is full of ice and a bottle of wine, and displayed in the dark. For indoor or outdoor use. Very cool!

Why Led Ice Buckets Line becomes hot in each September

Generally speaking,It becomes busy months for the internaitonal trade since september.Of course the Led Ice Buckets line becomes hot in each september.

More and more demand for led ice buckets for the christmas decoration.At the same time more and more suppliers offer lots of new styles led ice buckets.Maybe you will ask it is early for christmasbut pls note that the production for led ice buckets is long time and the international sea transport also needs long time.Here are some September 2016 new styles for your kindly reference:


Updated Led ice buckets model for wholesaler from USA

Our company produces LED to high grade decorative lighting lamps and lanterns of high-grade appearance.The
novel design can be used indoor and outdoor various occasions.It creates a romantic and warm space, the
optimized landscape led ice buckets style

led ice bucket wholesale

We always take the customer demand as the guidance.We always take the customer demand as the guide.It
constantly develop new products, to meet the demand of human for environmental protection and energy saving
and the market for high performance.

led ice buckets sale

The needs of multi-function products, the “low carbon environmental protection, create a better life” as the
principle of production.The efforts improve human life taste and taste.Products are widely used in KTV, bar,
cafe, discos, slow rock, leisure clubs, clubs, parks, gardens, pool, high-grade office buildings and other
recreational amusement parks.Luster gorgeous, safe environmental protection, contracted fashion, give you
create a romantic, noble, elegant life. Its products sell well in countries and regions at home and abroad,
and win the trust and praise of customers!

In the future,Lano Led will be always.The pursuit of high quality and cost-effective products advantages.It
continuously surpass ourselves.In the future, Lano Led will each new and old friends hand in hand.It jointly
explore more in the struggle for LED furniture market.
1, this is a marked price, details price please contact business, different quantity different price, large
amount of the price
2, if you have any new product need to open mould, order quantity reach a certain amount of return the mould
cost. (specific circumstances and business communication)
3, terms of payment: our factory confirm sample, production contract, pay the deposit, pay off the balance
before delivery.
4, sincerely invite friends come to visit our company guidance, welcome your arrival.

led ice buckets

New Model of Led ice bucket for Usa Market

i. The led ice bucket must have a rated AC output voltage of 220/230V ± 5% at battery operating voltage from DC 90% to 120% and maximum load current from 10% to 110% of the rated value.

ii. Output frequency of the led ice bucket must be 50Hz ± 2%.
iii. led ice bucket efficiency when operating with resistive loads at full load must be at least 85%.
iv. The quiescent current drawn by the led ice bucket must not exceed 2% of the rated current of the led ice bucket.
v. The output waveform’s Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) must be less than 5% at full load.
vi. The led ice bucket must not produce noise more than 60db at 2m.
vii. led ice bucket or led ice bucket circuits must include
a. i) Low battery shut down must be at battery voltage not less than 10.5 V for tubular plate battery in case of 12 V systems. For 24 V or 48V systems low battery shut down voltage must be 10.5 x N V. Here N stands for the number of 12 V batteries in a series connection.

ii) Batteries whose DOD can be considered up to 100% (hundred percent), Low battery shut down will not be applicable.
b. Short Circuit protection of the output terminals.
c. Reverse polarity protection on DC input terminals
d. Appropriate indicators main, charging, led ice bucket ON, short circuit and overload v. The led ice bucket must have either cooling system with fan or appropriate heat sink to avoid excessive heating.
vi. The led ice bucket input and output terminals must have protection measures from NEPAL PHOTOVOLTAIC QUALITY ASSURANCE (NEPQA) 2015.rev1 Page 15 /26 external contacts
vii. led ice bucket must be capable of Operating safely for at least 2 (two) seconds at 150 % of rated power.

viii. The minimum information must be included in the label of the led ice bucket
a. Manufacturers’ name and model
b. Rated power in Watt or VA
c. Input and output voltage in Volt and Frequency in Hz
d. Charging current, load current, power factor, efficiency
e. led ice bucket Type ix. For inbuilt Charge Controller type led ice bucket, the charging side of charge controller will be tested as per provision stated in charge controller section and load side parameters of charge controller will not be tested.



2016 New PE Plastic led ice buckets with built in controller transform sunshine to battery power

1).Material For 2016 New Led ice buckets: PE plastic

2).Product size:Φ32*39*18cm

3).LED Quantity/Colors:12pcs RGB, Multi colors changeable

4).Adapter with Bulit in Controller:Input 100-240V, Output 5V/ CE/GS/UL/PSE approval,Transform sunshine energy to Battery power,Green power.

5).Control:switches with remote interlligent controller and protection

6).Continous Charging hrs:4-6hrs

7).Working hrs:8-10hrs

8).Gel Battery:2200 MA Lithium Rechargeable

9).Waterproof:IP54 ,can be used outdoor.

More Led ice buckets for Choose!



LED lighting industry cross-border stripping,Is others more wonderful?

GE is reasonable to peel off the lighting business.

To become a world best infrastructure and technology company, General Electric (GE) has begun its subtraction strategy.It sold home appliances non core business at $3.3 billion price early last year , and the same is non core of the lighting business will become the next step to sell some concern.Because in recent years the traditional lighting business in the slow pace of transition to LED, in the international lighting giant Philips, OSRAM competition gradually pale. And then sell the LED lighting business (Lumileds), OSRAM split after the sale of the lighting business in PHILPS, lighting industry will undoubtedly look to the three giants of the GE. LED lighting industry competition intensified, the gross margin decline seriously, giant “warrior arm” is also reasonable.

GE recently announced the establishment of a combination of LED, GE, solar energy, energy storage and electric car business with the new company Predix platform, and named Current. The establishment of the Current company will be merged with the LED business and industrial customers in business, GE lighting will continue to sell LED light bulbs to the general consumer. History is surprisingly similar, Philips had Lumileds and automotive lighting division merged into a new company, and waiting for the right time to sell to a Chinese consortium. GE or it may follow this approach, as the results are so, and so it is announced.
According to the frequency of cross-border, industry competition is more exciting world outside?
On October 8, Shenzhen Lian Jian photoelectric Co., Ltd. released postponed the resumption and development of major asset restructuring announcement, the announcement said LianJian photoelectric plans to invest 20 billion acquisition of the four media enterprises.
In the increasingly fierce competition in the lighting industry, price competition, some enterprises funds fracture according to let industry gradually caught a piece of enterprise of melee fighting the “Red Sea”. And some enterprises with capital “run away”, cross-border development, so that many of the industry to see, it seems that the

“Outside of led line is more exciting”?
Lehman photoelectric cross-border undertakings of physical culture and sports, today’s sports career has become more development of Lehman shares two one of carriage; BDO reported revenue beautiful, approximate Sanan optoelectronics to 20.54 million RMB this year.It shows, BDO LED chip and application of operating income was 9.85 billion RMB, and small household electrical appliances industry with the also 1.025 billion RMB of revenue. Cross border development is so prosperous, then whether there will be more in the future to participate in the future, we will wait and see.
“Sampling” action in a wave of LED lamp is facing many quality questions
In recent years, due to the LED lamp frequency exposure quality scandals, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics of popular market in the near future, provinces and cities “sampling” action of waves, from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shaoxing, Liaoning and other parts of the Bureau of quality and technical supervision have disclosed the results show that, LED self ballasted lamp products, fixed general purpose lamps, portable general purpose luminaires, embedded lamps products of poor quality, including general lighting, Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd., Foshan Langshi Lighting Co. Ltd., Shanghai Beijing Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. Cui Jiang Xizhong lighting technology limited, photoelectric technology group (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Tianying light photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. and other 14 companies on the black list “”.
From around the sampling results can be seen LED lamp is faced with many quality inquired. Among them, self ballasted LED lamps unqualified products mainly concentrated in the interchangeability, lamp power, power factor, initial luminous efficiency / luminous flux and luminous flux maintain 3000h, color feature, power terminal disturbance voltage rate.

In addition, markers, internal and external wiring, heat-resistant, fire-resistant and resistance mark project, anti electric shock protection project standard and enterprise board Bureau of quality and technical supervision of unqualified list of key.
Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the current LED lamps in the standard, performance, failure rate and other aspects still exist many problems, the urgent need to strengthen the development of the industry to strengthen the efforts of enterprises, enterprises to increase self inspection, do not let the LED lights cast a shadow over the consumer.
Marriage Internet platform into a model of traditional enterprise transformation
Lighting industry began to gradually derived from the new form, there is no doubt that the new phase of the competition will also rely on emerging technologies and more effective business model, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also face more choices. Currently, the development of the Internet platform, the Internet is a traditional platform for the traditional enterprise network.
This time, Foshan lighting and Aladdin mall cooperation for the industry to actively integrate into the industry chain is no doubt a model of significance, the traditional channel type lighting companies and the vertical electric business platform of marriage trust will be more frequent. Of course, relying on the industry chain and the transformation of the market will be very rich in transition, the enterprise in the context of its own characteristics to a higher level of competition to promote the way will be more imaginative.
Emerging application areas help companies to avoid the Red Sea market
With the increasing price competition of LED lighting, many lighting companies are also trapped in the struggle of life line of embarrassment. More and more enterprises, began to focus on more application areas in order to break through the predicament. In addition to the well-known manufacturers, medical lighting, UVLED market is also more and more attention.
Compared to other areas, UVLED’s market size is relatively small, but the field of technology is difficult, the customer and other factors, resulting in the entry threshold is much higher than the lighting field.Now,the factory of Lano Led ice buckets offer more discount!