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Led ice bucket in the interantional trade

Thank you very much for your detail inquiry for led ice bucket. We prefer to Monday late afternoon. 

But there are 2 hotels of JW Marriott in Shenzhen, one is in Futian District, the other is in Baoan District, would you like to tell me which one? thank you.

It will be better if we know each other more before we meet. So plese kindly refer to my answer for your questions as below:

led ice buckets

1. The quality of led ice bucket
We can say we are the best quality so far, because 4 points:(attachment file for reference of the details)
1) Strict selected raw material : cherry, walnut and paple from North America, rosewood from Brazil and Africa, Marble from Italy, Kevlar from American Dupon,
2)Total Quality Control System of led ice bucket:
1. PC\TPU incoming sampling Alcohol and Abrasion test
2. CNC First Article Inspection: dimensions, drawing, customer order
3. Painting Process: First article inspection and sampling inspection
4. Polishing: First article inspection and sampling inspection each lot
5. All PC\TPU and sheet materials 100% inspection before assembling

6. Assembling Proces of led ice bucket: First article and sampling inspection
7. Final inspection: 100%8. Packing inspection: 100%
3) We passed NATIVEUNION, CASEYARD, MOES, WOODCESSORIES and many Japanese Company’s audit in past 6 years, and continued to supplier natural material-made items for them.
4) We got FSC certification and CE/RoHS/SGS test.

2. the lead time to manufacture and ship
Production lead time is 25-35 days depends on the order qty. Our monthly output capacity is 200,000pcs.
Shipping lead time is about 5-7 days by air/express. Or by sea depends on the order qty.

3. the packaging options of led ice bucket – do you help with packaging? & also how we can protect led ice bucket during shipping
We have all kinds of packagings, they are all protective designed, you can choose Kraft Box / OPP Bag / Gift Box / Customized Package. Different packing refer to different cost.
One of the Kraft box is design like this:
4. The costs and shipping weight
The costs and shipping weight of the led ice bucket, depends on the order qty, basicly, the net weight of 1 pcs of led ice bucket is approx 35g.
We will send you detail quotation after get your detai requirements.
5. In addition if there are any products we can work with you on a drop shipping basis
Phone case, led ice bucket of Macbook are our main products. Besides, real wood bluetooth speaker, smartphone charger are our complemental products, also we do some other wood/bamboo craft for worldwide clients, we have many samples of different products in our showroom.
So far we didn’t provide the drop shipping service, but we can consider if the order reach MOQ.
So we hope sincerely you can visit our showroom and workshop, we can represent various natural materialed led ice buckets, believe you can find something you like. Our driver can pick you up at your hotel, you can still have a rest or work in car, why not come?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot.

A DIY Music Led ice bucket for a beach vacation

What will be taked when go to the beach? In addition to the swimsuit and sunscreen, music and wine is not less. Also carry led ice bucket with bluetooth speakers? Don’t Out, there was a MyKoolBox qi to live!

First of all, MyKoolBox is a led ice bucket which put in the beer and champagne on ice. It can be as much as possible to ensure the cold icy delicious.

Music led ice buckets

Then, MyKoolBox will “sing”, built-in bluetooth range as far as 10 meters connect it can achieve. As you can see, the bluetooth speakers in MyKoolBox left and right side (two 2.5 W speakers), have dustproof prevent and waterproof splash (IP54 level), put it in a completely don’t have to worry about the damage on the beach.

In addition, MyKoolBox built a USB interface, means that when the mobile phone no electricity it can also become mobile power supply, six to eight hours of playing time enough to recharge cell phone twice.
MyKoolBox also very pay attention to personalized, it also can replace the panel on both sides, users only need to upload photos, payment on its official website, can obtain custom panel, on the beach to show their personality.
MyKoolBox, of course, not only suitable for the beach, camping, backyard party can use, it is only 1.5 kg, the weight of the plug into the trunk can be easily taken anywhere.

MyKoolBox raise, is the early bird discount price is only 49 pounds, tentative delivery time for the July this year, can bring the MyKoolBox going to the beach this summer.

LED fruit plate using RGB discoloration Lano OK26

LEDfruit plate using RGB color change

Quick details

Goldlik type: LED ice bucket
product number: GKP-012RT size of the 30 * 30 * 12 cm
product color: 16 color choice
materials: polyethylene plastic
light source: SMD 5050RGB + W control types: infrared, RF, mobile phone,
PC control: 8-300m
battery type: lithium
battery input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
output: 4.8V-1A
charging time: 4-6 hours of working time for 8-12 hours working temperature
(20 DEG C and + 50 DEG C)
waterproof: Yes
packing details: Carton
warranty: 12 months brand name

Product description
Technical index
LED fruit plate
1 support GLACS system upgrade for music lighting furniture.
2 mobile phone (WIFI) / PC / IR / RF and RGB-W full color control.
3 4.8V charger with charging protection
4, support for custom battery capacity rechargeable lithium battery
5 waterproof grade IP65
Let your place shine gorgeous:
1 swimming pool
2 green room, garden
3 karaoke flowers
4 night club
5 hotel / cafe, indoor party, etc..
Packaging and delivery

1packing details: 1 / bag / box.
2 delivery details: sample: 2-15 days; order: 10-40 days
Ship type
To choose time is to save time:
express: DHL / UPS / FEDEX express: 3-7 working days, EMS or TNT
express: 5-10 days.
2 sea: I would like to ask you to confirm your port of destination. From 5 to 60 days, usually, it depends on your destination port.
3 air transport: 5-10 days, it depends on your specific destination airport.
4 land transport: some of the neighboring countries of China, which are commonly used in the mainland of china.
Payment term
1 T / T, Western Union, money gram and cash is acceptable.
For other payment terms, plesae let us know when you order.

2 usually the money from the foreign bank to my company account 2-5 working days.
3 bank receipt, we will be in your remittance deposit or payment is highly appreciated.
Commodity label
1 indoor decorative LED lighting infrared remote control LED tray
2 RGB bar furniture infrared remote control lighting plastic tray LED
3 high quality LED mini ice bucket
4 barrels with LED
5 LED small round plastic bucket
6 new design fruit LED
7 RGB bar furniture infrared remote lighting tray
8 Club / party / KTV / joy LED super beer cooler / pot / pot / barrel
Why choose Goldlik?
1 Goldlik is a home set product development, design, production, sales as one of the Professional Company.

2 Goldlik you provide preferential prices with advanced features to improve efficiency and availability.
3 Goldlik has experienced engineers who design and manufacture circuit, product appearance.
4 Goldlik must be willing to listen to the needs of customers, and to provide customized services for your needs.

5 Goldlik is responsible for the quality of each product, strict factory testing will not allow unqualified products into your hand.

What is the principle of LED light?


LED (light emitting diode) lighting is the use of fourth-generation green light to make an LED lighting. LED is called the fourth generation light source or green light, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics, can be widely used in various directions, display, decoration, backlighting, general lighting and urban landscape and other fields.

Energy: saving energy is the environmental pollution. DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03-0.06 W) electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effects than traditional energy sources more than 80%.

Long life: LED light source that some people call longevity, meaning light never goes out. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades and other shortcomings, the service life of up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours, 10 times longer life than conventional light sources the above.

Many changes: LED light source can use red, green, blue color theory, under the control of computer technology to make three colors with 256 gray scale, and any mix can produce 256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216 colors, to form a different light The varied color combination, to achieve a variety of dynamic effects and variety of images.

Lee Green: Environmental benefits of better, no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, neither heat nor radiation, glare is small, and recyclable waste, no pollution, no mercury elements, cold light source, safe touch, typical of the green lighting.

High-tech tip: Compared with traditional light glow monotonous, LED lighting is low voltage microelectronic products, the successful integration of computer technology, network communications technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, so it is also digital information products which such as:led ice bucket, is semiconductor optoelectronic devices, “high point” technology, with online programming, unlimited scalability, flexible features.

Terminology: wavelength: color changes in the strength of the light, it can be described by the data, the data is called wavelength. Wavelength of light that we can see, in the range of 380 to 780nm. Unit: nanometer (nm)
Brightness: Brightness is the degree of shading of the object, defined as the luminous intensity per unit area. Unit: nits (nit)
Intensity: refers to the brightness of the light source. Also means that the visible radiation source in a certain direction and scope of the issue of physical strength.
Unit: candle (cd)
Flux: the sum of the amount of visible light emitted per second. Unit: lumens (Lm)
Light efficiency: light flux emitted divided by the power source. It is an important measure of light energy. Unit: lumens per watt (Lm / w).
Color: light on the extent of the object presented, that is, the degree of color fidelity. Commonly referred to as “CRI” units: Ra.

Color: the color of a light source for emitting light and blackbody radiation at a certain temperature while the hue, the color temperature of the blackbody temperature of the light source is called.
Unit: Kelvin (k).
Glare: within view of the very high brightness of an object or a strong brightness contrast, caused visual discomfort known as glare, glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting.
Synchronization: two or more LED lamps in normal operation is not predetermined manner according to the procedure set time, generally refers to the internal control mode LED lights, LED lamp to achieve synchronization is coordinated changes in the basic requirements.

Protection class: IP protection class is lighting according to their dust, anti-moisture characteristics to grade, consisting of two figures, the first number represents the light dust, to prevent invasion of foreign objects grade (grade 0-6 points ), and the second number represents the lamp against moisture, water intrusion sealing degree (grade 0-8 points), the larger the number, the higher its protection.
Design Theory
The emergence of LED design methods and ideas to break the traditional light sources, there are two new design concepts.
1. Scenario Lighting: is the demand environment to design lamps. Mood lighting in place as a starting point, aims to create a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to heighten the effect of the scene, people feel there is a scene atmosphere.

2. mood lighting: is the person needs to design lamps. Mood lighting is human emotion as a starting point, from a human point of view to create a mood like light conditions. Mood lighting includes four aspects: First, energy saving and environmental protection, the second is health, three are intelligent, four are humane.
“Mood lighting book” is China’s first LED lighting design trends of the leading books, breaking the design theory has long been monopolized by foreign giants situation, make it easier for LED application market needs. The latest mood lighting design contribute to share with you, I hope to take more experts, designers participate in discussions and proposed the construction of meaning
What is the principle of LED light?

Mainly by the PN junction light emitting diode chip, the electrodes and the optical system. Its luminous body – wafer area 10.12ml (1mil = 0.0254 mm2), the big chip LED current international, the chip area of ​​40mil.
Luminescence process consists of three parts: a forward bias carrier injection, recombination radiation and energy transfer. Tiny semiconductor chip is packaged in a clean epoxy material, when the electrons pass through the wafer, the negatively charged electrons move to the positively charged area of ​​the hole and with the compound, while the disappearance of electrons and holes generate photons. Energy (band gap) between the electron and hole the greater the energy produced higher photon. The energy of the photons, in turn, corresponds with the color of the light, the visible spectral range, blue light, violet light energy carried up, orange light, red light energy to carry the least. Since different materials have different band gaps, it is possible to emit different colors of light.
Mainstream LED lighting will be the high-brightness white LED. At present, the commercialization of white LED mostly two wavelengths, ie blue chip with YAG yellow phosphor mix to produce white light. The future is more promising three-wavelength white LED, that is inorganic UV chip plus red, blue and green color phosphor mix to produce white light, it will replace the fluorescent lamps, energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED backlight and other markets.

One of reply for led ice bucket inquire

Thanks for your feedback.Yes,you are right.Our led ice bucket is high quality.Most of our customers who cooperated with long time are satisfied with it absolutely.I sincerely want to help you extend your market.

The led ice bucket absolutely come from the original factory.As you know,The absolutely original new Sony led ice bucket is oem by our cooperated factory.

And Factory tell us there is two rated for the controller.The first rated all is got by Sony group which can’t circulate to the general market.To this point,you are expert in this line which you know clearly than us.
All mean that it is original but not the first rated.But the second rated quality is also guranteed.You can sell well.We can help your business professionally.

Pictures of other colors are attached.Please kindly check.
DHL charges for 100 pcs: $403.93(Include retail box)
$198.12(without retail box)

The usb cable is $0.36/pc.The total DHL shipping fee only add $26.
The two PI (with retail box and without retail box) are both attached,please kindly check.
You can pay by TT, Westunion, Moneygram

Wish our cooperation and your business extend bigger and bigger!
Waiting for your soonest news.

2014 updated led ice bucket

Led ice bucket fashion luminous light-emitting furniture products. LED furniture is a new era of modern product, is the most beautiful fashionable furniture, the perfect combination of traditional plastic furniture and LED. In the years to come, it will lead the bar furniture, KTV furniture, leisure furniture, entertainment furniture to the new fashion trend! LANO Led co., LTD is a Hong Kong international group co., LTD., a subsidiary, was founded in 2007, is the first brand leader LED furniture, founder of the Chinese light furniture! Scale first in Asia, the world’s second! More than 100 product, leisurely high-quality goods! , with 5 years experience in export Europe and the United States market, the international high quality. Europe’s top designer of original design, the product unique, ribbon color move feeling, light and durable, low carbon environmental protection, fashion and art. The products sell well in the global 80 countries and regions.

Features of 2014 updated led ice buckets
Product name: glowing ice bucket product number: GH202
Product size: 120 * 40 * 40 product material: PE
Waterproof level: IP54 voltage range: 100-240 – v
Dc voltage: 5 v battery life: wh 5 w – 8
Charging time: 6-8 h work time: 10 to 12 h
Using power: 3-4 w electronic certification: CE, ROSHS, UL
Battery capacity: 4400 mah packaging transportation: PE plastic bags + cartons
Shipping details: all freight is to pay the production cycle: 15-25 days
Product color: the product itself is white, quantity can make to order other colors.
Light color: RGBLED, can use the remote control or button into 16 kinds of colour. Can be fixed a kind of color, the dynamic changes in color.

led ice bucket

Ice bucket challenge hot ,global LED ice bucket enterprise O2O can borrow chickens lay eggs?

Ice bucket challenge become more and more hot, not so ice, as more and more people to participate in, especially bosses, participate in make activities with more show mean, LED ice bucket to a more controversial.

When the ice bucket challenges within a week or two fire all over world, it is secret? For developing electricity LED ice bucket enterprise doing O2O on what enlightenment? The three ice bucket challenge “the apocalypse”
First, the core of the brand story: public welfare
We are talking about enterprise O2O must have a scene, scene must have a purpose, purpose must be able to reflect your brand story, story must be single-minded of brand positioning. The brand positioning of the story is not a product, is not a service, but a way of life or a fashion show, or even higher public charity.
From the perspective of the public welfare, tall, and for young and old men’s and women’s winner-take-all any size.
Second, the game.
A O2O activity, not a qr code there had been swept, have scene, have to have a white crow about empress princess scene today, but this scenario is best is just like a game, have to participate in, have a PK, challenging, exclaimed, onlookers, the rich in experience, challenges in ice water of that kind of stimulation, and can challenge after the completion of the privilege of others, at the same time, by the name of public welfare to satisfy the self-realization.
For lighting companies, rather than every day in micro letter in the public, said their products very well, what’s the discount. Do products at the same time, the value behind the need to find yourself doing these things, at the time of spreading around the value. Now almost every enterprise can make micro letter number to the public. Everyone know to fish more places to go fishing, that is true, the point is, what kind of fishing. We see a lot of articles enterprise accounts hair really do not have what meaning, rushing to the big wheel and other gadgets up lets users play for two days is not to play. Draws hundreds of fans on micro letter itself has no meaning, after the folded subscription, fans might not unsubscribe, but they will choose. Weibo or micro letter, subscribers are not real fans, fans are actually using your product, satisfied with the product, and the group of people willing to pay for you to spread.
Do pieces of O2O know time will be used to grasp the user, if just have a qr code, with micro letter account, even if users, if don’t continue to provide customers with good content, attention will also be cancelLED ice bucket at any time. Some companies began to realize this problem, there is even a product way said after consulting clients in communication with us.
Third, social.
O2O closed-loop exactly is what? Not payment transaction, but word of mouth spread, make use of the individual social relations dissemination and sharing out effectively, and is spread out with his best friend’s strong relationship. And ice bucket challenge, complete the challenger can call three people, the three men can be a good friend, can be a strange opinion leaders or big V, even competitors. But anyway, it USES social relationship is linked to the spread of the explosive, implements the X of the chain of the third power of growth. This is a traditional enterprise to study in O2O scene, can need not mobile payment, but the share is must be closed.
Ice bucket challenge the whole scene is a typical O2O: online, network transmission, offline landing challenge – shooting video transmission – named relay social relations, is an online to offline and online in the cycle of offline O2O scenario.
At the same time, the ice bucket challenge to enterprise’s O2O is another key reference KPI system. Ice bucket challenge of KPI, donations, transformation of value can also be a challenge named after the spread of word of mouth, from the point of the current situation, it is more focused on the spread, the contribution is not the key, and domestic actual data also verified this. Therefore, traditional enterprises should also be sure to recognize: O2O not incremental sales is not a short-term, but to focus on trust relationship focuses on social reputation spread steady.
For the LED ice bucket lighting of the O2O way how to go? My wife reflection to industry.
The present situation of the O2O in LED ice bucket industry
At present, due to the LED ice bucket lighting is considered to be the best substitute of incandescent lamp, the support of policy and technology mature, quickly ripening of LED ice bucket industry, at present already overcapacity and into the consolidation period, embodied in the sales side, the competition is fierce. And traditional brand enterprises for many years, has become mature and perfect sales system, the original traditional enterprise wasn’t too keen about electricity is changed; Instead, brand influence is a bit poor some enterprise more active to electric business channels, also conducted more try, effect has already begun to appear.
“Double 11” in 2013, the day the cat lamps and lanterns same-store sales have reached one million yuan, the champion opple sales more than 4900 ten thousand yuan, while in 2013, the year has not completed the sales target of one hundred million yuan, but still in the LED ice bucket lamps and lanterns brand sales of the top spot, followed by the lighting, clinch a deal amount is 34.88 million yuan, sales success compared to the double.
As mentioned earlier, in the face of e-commerce channels, different enterprises have different attitude. But undeniably, emerging with a traditional lighting LED ice bucket lighting enterprise online DuiGongZhan has begun. From the point of the present situation, the emerging enterprises more active, also take the online sales more favorable position. Statistics found that the flower, chau Ming companies such as brand awareness and sales in the network are superior to the philips, leishi and other famous enterprises.
At present, about the LED ice bucket enterprise net, there are two views clashed. Opponents argue that LED ice bucket lighting, must have a physical store to bring consumers. At the same time, the distribution of the LED ice bucket lamps and lanterns, installation and after-sales service is very important, if only pay attention to the network promotion, and lack of physical stores support, enterprises need to bear the risk is very big. At the same time, in the lighting products, LED ice bucket belong to product of price is quite high, also belong to niche product in the market, buyers are not many. But network sales price transparency and comparison, it is generally believed to walk in the high-end products on electric business platform is difficult to assess the risk. Some platforms electricity charges commodity trading commissions, enterprises obtain space has also been greatly compressed. Again, entering the electric business platform, although the initial investment cost is low, but the late promotion, marketing and other hidden costs is very high, the earnings cycle is also not sure. Based on the above three points, many people think that the LED ice bucket enterprises to electricity as the auxiliary channels, is advantageous to the enterprise to seek differentiation development of roads, but if use electricity as the main channel, is to give up the key battleground of LED ice bucket lighting
In fact, this view is in more traditional channels to occupy a position of strength, brand enterprise. Because, at present the LED ice bucket products online or two different sales market. Offline LED ice bucket sales is the mainstream of the government procurement, project engineering, design institute and designer channel, mainly B2B, B2C market has not opened, belongs to the typical niche markets. Engaged in the lighting industry more than 20 years, launched the world’s largest lighting fair in guangzhou international lighting fair Pan Wenbo, “says Dr. Online sales is mainly aimed at C terminal customers, in fact, online sales for enterprises is not a contradiction, only, because there is no offline emerging enterprises and brands mature and stable sales channels, and rarely get the order, natural more willing to devote energy to network sales. Electric business platform, however, also needs the brand support, set up the online brand still is a key to the success or failure of the electricity business channels. For enterprise website construction costs account for only a very small part. Brand setting up, require enterprises to invest a lot of money, spend a lot of time to do the online promotion, thus can profit in the short term enterprise is not much.
But you didn’t see that LED ice bucket enterprises from the initial fear of being “electricity”, brought the business to the obvious incremental sales, make lighting enterprise of electricity will increase apparently, but online sales pattern already, early leader has made a clear advantage. Now, the rise of O2O concept, to the traditional channels dominant enterprise provides a wonderful counter-attack.
The core of the O2O mode is brought online consumers to reality to shop – order online or pay the line of goods, services, and then to line down to enjoy the service. Enterprise through the discount information, service and so on, the offline store messages pushed to Internet users, so as to convert them to their own offline customer. Because traditional enterprise has a large number of outlets for entities, and thus easier to provide offline consumer experience, so as to achieve than simple online enterprises engaged in O2O more convenient advantage.
In front of the O2O appear, the traditional electricity from product purchase to use rely on network complete, due to lack of experience of consumption has been criticized by the users. O2O put online consumption two big functions combine with the offline service, constitute a complete experience of consumption. But at present, in the industry take the lead in open O2O mode of operation is still the continent, John source, levy Ming photoelectric LED ice bucket enterprises, such as few traditional brand enterprise success. Of course, this is also a common phenomenon in a wide range of industries.
High-end brand mai hing illumination affiliated companies yoga wei company vice President, general manager of center of LED ice bucket lighting and indoor lighting ke-feng liu believes that at this stage, e-commerce in the lighting industry is just a purchase channels, consumer is generally known by buying channels and traditional media to know the information of the brand, through the channels of electricity to buy cost-effective products.
Established foshan lighting lighting enterprises, however, attitude towards O2O, also shows that not all companies are bullish on O2O mode. Foshan electrical lighting marketing general manager xue paid think, lighting the transformation should not blindly O2O, for three reasons: one is the lighting industry brand is little, only some also belongs to industry brand, really can let the consumer cognition of the public brand is not much, and very fuzzy, it is difficult to use a single brand to attract customers to offline store, probably after went to buy another product. Second is the lighting sales channels mainly lighting city model, did not have enough brand stores. Some consumers want to buy lighting products, found that the market has a lot of choice, don’t need to buy in a store. In addition, need to buy a light bulb to experience stores to experience? 3 it is through the O2O mode after drainage of consumers to shop, shop’s product line is relatively narrow, cannot satisfy the consumers one-stop shopping, eventually to lighting city station it is better to buy more convenient. Therefore, xue paid suggested that enterprise and its transformation O2O blindly, it is better to try to online sales. Because of the high hopes O2O mode if faiLED ice bucket to bring growth in fact, it has triggered a crisis effect will be further spread over the Internet.
For lighting brands, how to manage the seamless docking offline and online channels?
To implement the seamless joint between O2O offline and online brand, need to get through three aspects, namely the user through, goods through and pay through. First, the user through is refers to the member and user behavior, in terms of members to achieve through membership system, members rights and interests through and through data. User behavior through the main is to realize the flow of get through, make the entrance to the management and traffic guidance, including maps and location technology is the key. Second, through goods, main goal is to realize the electronic goods, inventory and logistics through qr code of points, finally realizes the digital management of item. Again, to pay, pay the link is the enterprise O2O important link for the connection of offline and online, to need to have a certain payment scenario, the design of hardware and software of the process for payment. Only realize the user through, goods through pay and get through, can realize the integration of offline and online, so as to realize the seamless joint between offline and online channels.
From the macro, is critical to the success of the O2O: the first is the revitalize the entity resource, better improve their competitiveness; The second is the integration the ecological resources, improve survival ability. In particular, the traditional lighting enterprise O2O key is to play three battles: selling goods, polyethylene powder and deal in Taiwan.
It is easy to view through 14 years electric business experience and hundreds of cases of e-commerce. In these three aspects, for retailers, brands and online platform they do O2O key points are different. Retailers key point is to sell goods, because retailers belong to the type of commercial real estate forms, need to hold the upstream supply chain, by selling goods to retain and merchants gathered, guaranteeing the normal operation of the stores, and to provide customers with a good shopping experience, improve customer retention, completes the member management, finally achieve the goal of polyethylene powder. Brands do O2O is the key point of polyethylene powder, through service improve user satisfaction and loyalty, satisfy consumer’s experience, secondly to expand sales by fan effect, and establish their own independent platform pattern way; For online electric business platform, the original platform has accumulated a large number of users and has a strong ability of selling goods, the key point is they do O2O platform optimization, integration through offline entity enterprise resources, enhance consumer shopping experience.
Facing the Internet, the weak and ignorance is not a barrier to our survival, arrogance is! In the future, all companies will be offline integration. O2O now do is advantage in the competition, the future who do not do O2O who will be at a disadvantage.
What companies need to reflect on?
B2C to O2O, taobao, jingdong to O2O innovation blossom everywhere, traditional business is undergoing a subversion and revolution. Is the first and the informationization go recently IT stores, is the second step is electronics stores! Will then spread to every corner of the traditional business! – this is the background.
In such a context, some people think that: the transformation of traditional industries, Internet is a big trend, the field oriented service industry will face great opportunities. Although the traditional enterprise is very rich, than the emerging Internet industry is absolutely with deep pockets. But when you see some real, you will know: for traditional lighting companies “constitutional, improvement” this kind of way is fantasy, really will come is a subversion and revolution!
According to the survey found, LED ice bucket manufacturers both in professional and comprehensive furniture, lamps and lanterns traditional canal road stores to sell, market and business channels in electricity sales; Brand agent would like to spend less shop goods can be quickly to the offline and online channels; Around the capital of wholesalers don’t have the energy to open online stores, but also think life big batch shipment here, at the same time also want to easily into the field of wholesale market; A large number of distribution the owner the most can’t go out can to a number of ways, with the ex-factory price or wholesale price from the manufacturer or the national wholesale market purchase…
Now go the traditional sales channels of enterprises more and more difficult, need to find a good business model, and the electricity is a kind of trend, both can communion. Through an online platform and two offline service center, through to the LED ice bucket industry from production to the wholesale, the online sales of the whole industrial chain.
And the challenge of the ice bucket O2O mode for LED ice bucket enterprises, although electricity have just started, and not so good, you don’t put all your reasons to go to the market, but requires innovation mode, grasp the core, to make a perfect plan.
LED ice bucket industry to participate in public welfare activities there will be no shortage of activities to make the game also many, but why not reach this effect? The author thinks that the LED ice bucket enterprises should by ice bucket challenge this activity for reflection, for enterprises to find the most suitable for their own O2O itself.

Detailed information of Plastic Led ice bucket

Bar with plastic light-emitting LED ice bucket is also called the LED ice bucket, plastic LED ice bucket, LED light bar ice bucket, ice bucket, colorful LED lights bucket, ice bucket, champagne ice bucket, ShangBing barrel, LED fluorescent champagne bucket, ice bucket, charging colour ice bucket, ice bucket, etc Bar with plastic light-emitting

LED ice bucket is produced from Led Products co., LTD., independent research and development production of LED bar supplies, one of the products include LED bar, LED ice bucket, LED desk and chair, LED beer rack models: HTX – YY – 03025 – a 1. Size: 25 x21. 1 x29. 2 cm / 3 l, can put 1 bottle of 750 ml or 2 bottles of 750 ml bottle of l 2. Number of lights: 21 (3) color: 4. 7 colour transform with rechargeable batteries, remote controls and adapter 5. Voltage: 5 v1. 5 a 6. Carton size: 51 45 cm / 4 * 31.5 * 7. Gross weight: 0.72 kg / 5 kg
Product features: 1, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, green, white wait for monochrome display, dreamy colorful gradient, the light is downy, beautification adornment effect is good, have color 2 function, can be through the control panel buttons, achieve different luminous effect, choice of be fond of 3 color, infrared signal control, can adjust the speed of light is dark degree that transform, and the light color changing pattern 4, using rechargeable lithium batteries, button type convenient and safety, energy conservation and environmental protection 5, use frosted PC, pervious to light effect is good color bright, 6 of environmental protection and use of low voltage power supply, safe and reliable, less consumption, long service life, 7, 7 colour circulation becomes angry, rechargeable, remote control, color, light and dark light rshing speed regulation, automatic selection Application scope: 1, used in home, hotel, hotels, clubs, bars, casinos and other indoor public places 2, quality high-grade and ornament effect, is essential products such as bars and nightclubs

How to choose suitable led ice bucket?

There are many styles and new designs for led ice buckets and led ice cubes.But how to get suitable led ice bucket for you? here I will give some useful points you need to consider.

1) when you want to wholesale led ice bucket,you need to know the budget.

2)the stylelish led ice bucket cost which include material cost and shipping cost.You need to know if these led ice buckets could filled in one and one,it can decrease the volume of led ice buckets package in the international shipping process.You know,led ice buckets is made of plastic,so it light weight,but the volume is big,so it will charge by volume in the shipping process.You can choose by the shape to see whether it can fill in one to one which you can save more which maybe reach decrease third of it cost.

3) if you like the led ice bucket,but it can’t fill in one to one.You can choose the shipping methold.It include DHL, FEDEX express and some china post air parcel or special way to your country which difference is the shipping time.Generally speaking,DHL,FEDEX needs 7 days,Special way needs 15-20 days,China post air parcel needs 30 days.You need to know the more fast cost more.So according to your suitation to choose the shipping methold also can save more.

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2014 New Flashing Colors Plastic LED Ice Bucket

Led ice bucket is becoming more and more popular in the worldwide.There are many designs for led ice bucket.Here is a 2014 new design for your reference.

Material 100% polyethylene
Feature Energy Envir ,Modern Design, Durable and Utility, Beautifull and Bright.
LED Color 16 colors and flash function change by switch or remote control
RGB 22 pcs White and colorful RGB LED lights, LED lifetime: 50,000 h
Battery Rechargeable Lithium battery
Charge time: 8 hours
Working Time: 10 hours continuously
Battery included with safety strip
Lifespan: 50,000 h
22 White RGB and 22 colorful RGB.
Dimension 285*265*220mm
Powder Adaptor Adaptable voltage : AC:110V-240V
Various Specifications
Adaptable voltage : AC:110V-240V
Voltage and Power 5V, 10W
Waterproof IP 54

Products Feature

1. Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic material produced from the polymerisation of ethylene. easy to installation. safety for children and adult, bright, soft color, romantic.

2. Rechargeable battery. rechargeable 6-8 hours can work 8-10 hour

3. Multi colors change & color selection.

4. Remote control & sunproof & waterproof.

5. Universal AC plugs including US, UK, EU, AU types content with your different requirements fully

6. Applications: Bar, Hotel, Club , Coffee House, Garden or Freezing beer, Family decoration, downy light.

7. Certificate: CE, ROHS, etc.

8.with soft light colorful, used indoor, safety for children.

9. Warranty: 1 year for LED light sources, 2 years for furniture

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