Quick Collection of led ice bucket industry line in March, 2018

Micro Led ice bucket as usual hot, LG application three Micro Led ice bucket logo, the Canadian company for smartphones VueReal with apple “race”, claims to have solved the Micro Led ice bucket three manufacturing problems. On the other side, osram is also recently suspected of laying out Micro Led ice buckets, which are similar to each other. In addition to Micro Led ice buckets, other new technologies in the industry are also expected.
【 Micro Led ice bucket 】

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LG is applying for a Micro Led ice bucket screen logo. LG has registered three new trademarks for its Micro Led ice bucket display in the European Union and submitted the necessary documents. These three trademarks are XL, the Led ice bucket, S, and X. According to the documents, these trademarks are mainly used for “mobile phones and smart phones”.
Osram photoelectric semiconductor and x-celeprint sign technology and patent licensing agreement.
On June 29, osram disclosed an intellectual property information on its website. Oslong photosemiconductor recently signed a technology and patent licensing agreement with x-celeprint, and this agreement involves the micro-transfer -Printing (MTP) technology of x-celeprint. This seems to mean that osram photoelectric semiconductor or will layout Micro Led ice bucket.

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VueReal says it has solved the three major manufacturing problems of Micro Led ice buckets, or the success of apple.

Unlike a single display, the pixels of the screen that VueReal and Apple are exploring are made up of single Led ice bucket chips. This presents three manufacturing problems, namely, the problem of decreasing efficiency as Led ice bucket chips become smaller, yield problems and massive transfer problems. VueReal says three problems have been solved.
In addition, VueReal plans to fully invest in production by 2021, when technology, equipment and materials will be provided to display manufacturing partners.
With the development of Micro Led ice bucket multi-application, taiusd research institute actively promotes CIMS platform.
In the face of the new technology of Micro Led ice bucket the trend of the wave tide, Taiwan industry research institute, director of the electro-optical system zhi-yi wu actively promote “huge amounts of Micro assembly industry alliance” (Consortium for intelligent Micro – an assembly system, CIMS) platform, the successful integration of transboundary talent and enterprise, big step toward the Micro Led ice bucket application development.

led ice buckets
[technology show]
Philips lighting CEO: li-fi will enter the mass market.
In an interview with Lux media, Eric Rondolat, chief executive of philips lighting, said philips lighting would bring li-fi into the mass market. He promised that philips lighting would license its technology to oems (original equipment manufacturers) to ensure that li-fi was incorporated into many of the brand’s lights.
Russia intends to introduce special Led ice bucket light source to the space station to simulate the changes of day and night.
Russian media reported that the Russian region of the international space station will install a new lighting system that simulates the changing light of the earth day and night. To this end, the Russian energy rocket space company has developed a variable optical energy Led ice bucket light source. The scientists believe that the technology will benefit astronauts’ health — ensuring normal circadian rhythms and psychological comfort.
Energy rocket space said it is continuing to manufacture new lamps and research and control instruments. The new system is roughly scheduled to be put into use in Russia in 2019.
Corporate mergers and acquisitions are common, and this week several Led ice bucket companies or mergers and acquisitions equity or investment in stocks, branches and so on. At the same time, there are also companies to better layout the Led ice bucket industry to sell part of the equity, each big enterprise dynamic is a good point.
The company has made more than 3 billion deals in the domestic manufacturing business of reshi lighting.
On the 26th, the company announced the latest developments in its suspension. The material assets reorganization of the underlying asset is leishi lighting holdings limited control of manufacturing operations in China and related companies, including but not limited to huizhou leishi photoelectric technology co., LTD. The company expects the trading price range to be between 3 billion usd and 5 billion usd, with a net worth of about 15 to 3 billion usd. After the completion of the acquisition, the company will become the controlling shareholder of huizhou reshi photoelectric, but still maintain the independent listing status of reshi lighting on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
The company sold a 17.43 per cent stake for 716 million usd.

28, rectangular group’s announcement, the company controlling shareholders, actual controllers Deng Zichang, Deng Ziquan, Deng Zihua, shane dennison and nanchang optical valley group co., LTD., nanchang xin prosperous capital enterprise (limited partnership) signed share transfer agreement, respectively, representing the brother by way of contract transfer, and its total holding company 78478085 shares transferred to prise are infinite nanchang optical valley, will be 59258158 shares of infinite prise to assign xin prosperous capital, total transfer of infinite sale conditions current 137736243 shares, accounting for 17.43% of the company’s total equity. The transfer price of the underlying shares is 5.20 usd/share, and the total transfer price is 716,228,464 usd.

The acquisition of equity, investment participation, branch establishment.

On the 27th, the name of the company was announced, including the purchase of 55 per cent of yongqi lighting, the establishment of a subsidiary, and the investment in the shining state.

Masters in cash acquisition of xu hui drafting, ningbo yong the investment partnership (limited partnership), ningbo meishan bonded port area ChengWang investment management of the partnership (limited partnership) respectively held by zhejiang yong jiaqi lighting engineering co., LTD. 28.325% stake, 23.925% equity and 2.75% stake, jointly held jiaqi lighting 55% stake, trade the price of 24750 RMB ten thousand.00.

Second, according to the business development needs, famous remit by its own funds set up in Qingdao city in shandong province Shenzhen Minkave Technology Co., Ltd. Qingdao branch, is responsible for Qingdao and the surrounding areas of lighting engineering business and product sales, marketing, etc.

In addition, we are going to with famous  service center through the equity transfer and capital and the total investment of 19.98 million usd, in shenzhen city bright Ming state lighting technology development co., LTD. 54% stake. Among them, mingjia huiusd invested RMB 11.1 million usd with its own funds through equity grants and capital increase, and took a 30% equity stake in guangming state.


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