Photoluminescent Exit Signs

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Photoluminescent Exit Signs is a instruction for so slowly in the increasingly developed road traffic. It derived from the road signs, traffic signs, speed limit Photoluminescent Exit Sign,sand other traffic signs. Along with our country road traffic sign of the development of market economy, the establishment and management of road traffic, more and more government attaches great importance to the economic development of city traffic is a major city social image, civilization and viewing window city. Especially the public insurance division, and construction and implementation of the urban area and improved equipment, urban traffic management, road foundation have been huge progress. Especially now our life is inseparable from the ubiquitous traffic signs. Protecting public facilities is also the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. Traffic Photoluminescent Exit Signs is a kind of essential traffic safety facilities, can be seen in the major roadways, the company produced top quality traffic Photoluminescent Exit Signs, made of high-quality aluminum plate materials, high strength, long service life, high temperature resistance, easy installation! The purpose of safety signage is to convey information to the audience. At the time of design, the content should be clearly transmitted, and the audience should not be affected by the addition of redundant information.
Traffic Photoluminescent Exit Signs, we are all familiar with, but in real life, or a lot of people do not care, do not feel necessary, today to give you the role of different traffic Photoluminescent Exit Signsscience. According to the regulations for testing reflective plate samples of coal mine, the corresponding physical test after the end of the test, the sample should meet the optical performance requirements of a single performance material. Single performance materials: according to the regulation, the method of in Angle, 5 ° 12 ‘observation test under the condition of incident Angle, the back reflection coefficient of a single performance material value R7 should be greater than 15 CCL/(1 x · m2). Composite material performance: in accordance with the provisions of the method, in 12 ‘observation Angle, 5 ° Angle under the conditions of test, combination of materials R7 back reflection coefficient value should be greater than 30 CD/m2) (1 x. When the influence of rain on the reflective properties of materials is measured in accordance with the specified method, the value of the reflectance coefficient R7 of composite materials should be greater than 15cd/(1x·m2). The purpose of safety signage is to convey information to the audience. At the time of design, the content should be clearly transmitted, and the audience should not be affected by the addition of redundant information.

1. Pay attention to the signal light Photoluminescent sign (pay attention to the signal light) this sign is set in the appropriate position before the intersection controlled by the signal light which is hard for the driver to find.

2, pay attention to the rockfall Safety Photoluminescent Exit Signs(pay attention to rockfall) this sign is located in a suitable place before the rockfall danger mountain road section. Please do not plug the ventilation hole and sound hole on the housing of the advertisement machine. Do not place the advertisement machine near the radiator, heat source or any other equipment that may affect the normal ventilation. Do not disassemble or repair the advertisement machine by yourself to avoid high voltage electric shock or other dangers. If you need to repair, you should ask professional maintenance personnel to complete all the maintenance work. Before cleaning the screen of the machine, please unplug the power cord to ensure that the advertising machine is in the state of power failure, and then use a clean and soft 2, without the end of the line cloth to gently dust, do not directly use spray on the screen; Do not expose the product to rain or sunshine, so as not to affect the normal use of the product. Roofing: refers to the installation of fixed structures on the roof of a building, and hanging or affixed on the roof of the board shape live cube or magic signs.

3, two-way traffic Photoluminescent Exit Signs(two-way) two-way traffic on the road, using natural or artificial isolation measures, TDD to has completely separate transportation, for some reason (construction, bridge, tunnel) to form the two-way lanes without isolation, must set this flag, to alert the driver ahead is no separation of two-way traffic.

So now, the function of the traffic Photoluminescent Exit Signs and the use, some changes have taken place in traffic on the road, in addition to have know, road Photoluminescent Exit Signswarning role, and Photoluminescent Exit Signs of commercial and public signs, Road Photoluminescent Exit Signs in a while might actually be a sign of the public, some businesses in order to good marketing your product, especially real estate, so after the approval from the department concerned, in does not affect roads and urban planning, set up on the road, especially in the highway sign indicates real estate address and name.
2.Main characteristic of Photoluminescent Exit Signs:
1. Super bright glow under darkness
2. Nox-toxic and environmentally
3. Charge quickly from any light source
4. Non-electric/ requires no electricity or batteries
5. Easy and quick installation
6. Very long decay when fully charged

3.Application field
safe guiding, placename signs,traffic signs,mine&fire fighting, Safety exit sign, Fire fighting mark, maritime safety signs, general guiding and marking signs.