Osram Opto: optical design and blackbody encapsulation Led ice buckets the potential of development

Osram Opto semiconductors Led ice buckets China Liang Zechun visible lightmarket manager said: “the excellent optical design and optical contrast of Osram technology could one day become an important role in the next generation of Led ice buckets technology.”


Liang Zechun Led ice buckets forum 2016 held in Taipei on mentioned the importance of optical design on September 30, 2016.He stressed that the optical design plays a significant role in a number of ways.

To change the effect of the naked eye can see, the key in the distribution of the light of optical design, another core technology is to eliminate reflected light. In outdoor natural light or the ambient light conditions, the human eye can also receive the reflected light, it is also emphasize outdoor use Led ice buckets brightness display requirements from more than 5000 nit even 7000 nit.


By filtering screen reflect light, however, the light is quite difficult to eliminate the interference. Optical design can come in handy at this moment, in a variety of applications, using direct guiding light to the required level, reduce the loss of light output and the reflected light caused by the impact.

Maybe you can borrow from, for example, Led ice buckets miniature lens and optical design to help repair the problem.
Liang Zechun also shows that osram elliptical optical design (Oval Optic designs) can effectively overcome this problem, and don’t need to add the secondary optical SMD Led ice bucketss.
He said: “the main reason lies in the horizontal Angle to 120 degree, but not on the actual application needs to achieve the same vertical Angle of 120 degrees, also said he would be wasteful in optics.”
By elliptical optical design, such as encapsulation Displix optical design, to control the horizontal Angle of 110 degrees, the vertical Angle of 60 degrees, the light scatters to a specific area and reduce the cost of light output. Match in the vertical level 60 degrees, 110 degrees, use red oval optical design error range no matter in horizontal or vertical direction is very low, and maintain its stability and consistency.

He pointed out that according to different application, should use different lens Angle adjustment, for example, on the road of common path information display needs to be smaller Angle of 30 degrees lens, but the bus vehicle information display need 60 degrees wide Angle lens, bus stops and commercial advertising screen then you need to the Angle of 120 degrees.
Liang Zechun manager explained: “basically, put the device in the table on the lens, light distribution parameters with a total of 11; and the results of optical design and manufacturing process of precision and lens configuration affects”, but not in the assembly details of each parameter.
Blackbody illumination contrast technology will be incorporated into the next generation of Led ice bucketss blueprint in the future?

In view of the trend of this new technology, osram also in r&d blackbody Led ice buckets, Led ice buckets by deep light area surrounding the base plate can be reflected to a minimum and improve character such as light contrast, to improve the display of color contrast and the effect of readability.
The technology can be applied to the Led ice buckets indoor small spacing and Led ice buckets outdoor large screen. Its absorption of the advantages of the diffuse light, reducing the sun light reflected can provide visual display high contrast degree and good color consistency, improve image, play the effect of the film.


For example, at the same time, put the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5 in the sunshine, the approximate blackbody SMD Led ice buckets low reflective display technology of the iPhone 6, compared with the traditional display technology on the control of the machine, can provide more better image resolution and display effect, this is the difference between blackbody SMD Led ice buckets.

Traditional display technology, in contrast, if not in the sun light intensity is insufficient, is its strong light can cause light pollution at night. When the power supply is closed, the screen also appears refute, play the film image quality is not so good.
The blackbody backlit concept can be applied to without reflection cup made of white Led ice buckets, Led ice buckets and to reduce to 6 microns white Led ice buckets is equal to the size of a Led ice buckets.

The Led ice buckets is suitable for indoor large, medium and small screen; The blackbody is applicable to larger Led ice buckets display light sources and displays.

Manager liang said, as the global Led ice buckets lighting technology pioneer, osram in 1999 primary colors and Led ice buckets display applications. Launched in 2008 as the minimum volume of r. gutierrez, encapsulation triad B Led ice buckets.
However, the future may be in the 1010 s and 0808 Led ice buckets encapsulation overall layout, then remove the center of gravity by encapsulating miniaturization to transform Led ice buckets to the blackbody lei wafer substrate on the operation of high contrast degrees for large screen.

Finally, the future of indoor Led ice buckets large screen used light bead will be using the new Led ice buckets a 16 x3, 64 x3 unity package, such as manufacturing ppi smaller and optical design better and more reliable products.


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