Luminescent Film

As the pioneer of Luminescent Film industry, storage in the field of spontaneous light storage has considerable scientific research and development ability Luminescent Film manufacturing experience, has developed many Photoluminescent film and establish cooperation relationship with the domestic many scientific Luminescent Film research institutes, successively passed the division director afterglow material performance testing, SGS certification, ISO9000 international Photoluminescent film certification, Shanghai chemical industry institute of chemical Luminescent Film industry product testing, the eu REACH registration act, PSPA Photoluminescent film members, implement 6 s management system inside the glow in the dark film company.

Luminescent Film series and alkaline soil silicate series developed by the Luminescent Film company have been widely used in many fields such as architectural decoration, transportation, military facilities, fire safety, Photoluminescent film industry, daily necessities and handicrafts since they were put on the market. At present, the Photoluminescent film company has five workshops and a new product research and development center: it has the production capacity of 300 tons/year light-storage type self-luminous materials, 5 million square meters of Photoluminescent film/luminescent cloth/reflective cloth, 100,000 square meters of luminescent plate, and 100,000 square meters of various glow in the dark signs; The r&d center can develop new products or OEM according to customers’ requirements.

The Luminescent Film Manufacturer has an experienced scientific research team, an effective technical route in realizing the industrialization and commercialization of scientific research achievements, and a wealth of experience in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements for Photoluminescent film. With the continuous expansion of market demand at home and abroad, the glow in the dark film production level of existing domestic enterprises can no longer meet the market demand. The establishment of our company’s luminous film/cloth and board production line fills the gap of the market in southern China and can also meet the market demand.

At the same time of industrialization of high-tech Photoluminescent film achievements, the company attaches great importance to the marketization of technological achievements. Since 2009, our company has been cooperating with zhejiang provincial department of transportation in the research and development of “road energy-storing self-light traffic signs” and “tunnel self-light emergency escape system” series products, which have attracted great attention and strong support from the domestic government and relevant departments. Our company has participated in the drafting of the standards of the ministry of communications “road self-storage light traffic Photoluminescent Film signs” (JT/T 967-2015) and zhejiang local standards “technology and regulations for the setting of self-storage light traffic signs” (DB33/ t975-015).

All kinds of Photoluminescent Thermal Transfer Film products produced by the company have completed a number of domestic and foreign key projects of influence, and have produced a wide range of social impact, in the enterprise to bring some economic benefits at the same time, but also produced great social benefits.

Since Photoluminescent film are put into the market, the company has won the trust and praise of customers with excellent product quality and all-round technical support, and established a high reputation in the Luminescent Film industry and produced a good brand effect. Products have been exported Photoluminescent Vinyl Film With PET Material, PVC Material to the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, such as London Airport by Luminescent Film, Paris airport, Madrid subway, London subway, night park, etc.