Light-emitting LED ice bucket

Light-emitting LED ice bucket  (HTX YY – 03025 – b) is also called the LED ice bucket, plastic LED ice bucket, LED light bar ice bucket, ice bucket, colorful LED lights bucket, ice bucket, champagne ice bucket, ShangBing barrel, LED fluorescent champagne bucket, ice bucket, charging colour ice bucket, ice bucket, etc

Models: HTX YY – 03025 – b1. Size: 25 x21. 1 x29. 2 cm / 3
l, can put 1 bottle of 750 ml or 2 bottles of 750 ml bottle of
2. The number of lights: 21 (3) color:
4. 7 colour transform with rechargeable batteries, remote controls and adapter
5. Voltage: 5 v1. 5 a 6. Carton size: 51 45 cm / 4 * 31.5 * 7. Gross weight: 0.72 kg / 5 kg

Product features:
1, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, green, white wait for monochrome display, dreamy colorful gradient, the light is downy, beautification adornment effect is good, have color 2 function, can be through the control panel buttons, achieve different luminous effect, choice of be fond of 3 color, infrared signal control, can adjust the speed of light is dark degree that transform, and the light color changing pattern 4, using rechargeable lithium batteries, button type convenient and safety, energy conservation and environmental protection 5, use frosted PC, pervious to light effect is good color bright, 6 of environmental protection, the use of low voltage power supply, safe and reliable, less consumption, long service life, 7, 7 colour circulation becomes angry, rechargeable, remote control, color, light and dark light regulation, flashing speed regulation, automatic selection

Scope of application:

1, used in home, hotel, hotels, clubs, bars, casinos and other indoor public places 2, quality high-grade decoration and ornament effect, is essential products such as bars and nightclubs.


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