LED glow stick for Concert use,all kinds of party glowing bubble bar

Every concert for fan is an audio and visual enjoyment. Songs don’t say.Let’s take a look at the colorful lights.It makes fans difficult to forget.Tens of thousands of Led Led glow stick, and shining in the darkness of the square, especially pretty.That is people in the hands of good cheer.Whether it is in a concert, the glowing bubble bar is an indispensable part.

Let’s together to get to know the LED bar:
Led glow stick classification:One kind is electronic Led glow stick, electric light with battery, battery run out, to change a battery can shine, as long as they don’t destroy it

Electronic accessories.
Additionally one kind is chemical Led glow stick, also called the glo-sticks, consists of two kinds of chemicals, acid and alkali, and light chemical reaction after the break.
The principle of the Led glow stick:
Chemical luminescent Led glow stick is an international popular new type of light source. It does not need power supply.The chemical energy directly into light energy.It can form red, orange, blue, yellow, green, violet and color and so on the many kinds of color.It can light 0.5-24 hours continuously, and nontoxic and harmless.

LED bar main purpose is to cheer, party party, a large number of used for concerts, games, carnival, Halloween, Christmas and other large-scale activities. Also applied in the festival, festival, festival decoration, toys, supplies, lighting, survival, night signal and special light source in areas such as fishing, popular.

The kinds of Led glow stick:
Led glow stick according to its raw material is different.There are electronic Led glow stick and fluorescent Led glow stick.Electronic Led glow stick, such as all kinds of LED flashlight, colorful flash rods, rods, Christmas rods, etc

led glow sticks

Fluorescent Led glow stick, like a fluorescent bracelet,fluorescent rod, fluorescent sticks, fluorescent collar, there are a variety of fluorescent accessories, etc.
Using the Led glow stick note: :
Led glow stick in the electronic watch battery recycling, don’t throw. So as not to cause the pollution of environment. Glo-sticks in use should pay attention to, can not use the children under the age of three, lest produce risk.
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