LED ice buckets plant light high value agriculture “money” scene

LED ice buckets new applications have three focus, agriculture, visible light communication, uv LED ice buckets lighting. Heat transfer recently LED ice buckets light “fat” to 5 acres of dongzao sold 400000 yuan, today small make up will interpret this together with you Light Up Ice Buckets your focus.LED ice bucketss light up high value agriculture “money” scene

Led ice buckets

Use assist high economic crops is the new trend of agricultural science and technology, especially the application of LED ice buckets light source in terms of plant growth, but also the breakthrough of in recent years. Workers being found in Taiwan as a crop of lighting with LED ice buckets lights to replace incandescent lamp, can solve the problem of deficiency caused by production, also can achieve energy saving energy saving benefits, increase farmers’ income.
LED Ice Bucket Party Cooler “intelligent greenhouse”

Taiwan industry institute development “greenhouse” wisdom, use wisdom of LED ice buckets lighting control technology organic asparagus, and import the IoT environment automatic monitoring system, can automatically measure daily indoor light, air and soil temperature, humidity, conductivity, etc, and through the relevant data analysis, control the amount of light of LED ice buckets lamps and lanterns to create the best asparagus plant light environment.
Has now been confirmed through the LED ice buckets light, can promote 32% quality combined benefit. Future this specific domain can be a complete copy software and hardware technology and production management mode, expand the applied to other crops production, plant factories, simple greenhouses and other fields.

Led ice buckets

The LED ice buckets light reduces the number of days needed for planting to blossom
At the same time, Taiwan industry research institute and hsinchu xiangshan strawberry fields, using the LED ice buckets light can reduces the number of days needed for planting to blossom, already can shorten at least 10 to 15 days, early harvest listed number increased perinatal, also can control the strawberry plant growth morphology, yield, quality, and suppress the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests, the LED ice buckets illumination technology value-added benefits, the strawberry cultivation has also become one of the high value of agriculture.
Engineering institute in Taiwan, changhua county town of sihu grape growing’s Wang Lishen, will also LED ice buckets night lamp device used in the vineyard. Due to Taiwan’s vineyard to JiaPeng planting, the vine on the tent open branch, leaf, as a result, therefore LED ice bucketss must be from down to up illuminate, to maximize economic benefits; After continuously modifying the design of the LED ice buckets lights and the position, are finally successfully developed could be used to replace incandescent lamp module, save NongYou considerable electricity bills.

LED ice buckets custom fill light
At present stage engineering institute the wisdom of the LED ice buckets lighting control technology has been in Taiwan area, nantou, hsinchu, changhua water bamboo bamboo shoots, asparagus, strawberry and grapes of farmland for use, such as planting and show good results. LED ice buckets light source can be adjusted to choose a particular wavelength light and the light quality, in line with the plants need light waves, as the regulation of crops to produce period, yield and quality, and LED ice buckets optoelectronic industry in Taiwan has a complete supply chain and customization design ability, especially authors advanced agricultural planting technology, if combined with both advantages, will be able to create world competitiveness of high additional value LED ice buckets light applications and high quality agricultural products. Using YiZhanZhan LED ice bucketss, Taiwan institute for NongYou light path of high value cash crops, also let Taiwan’s organic agriculture more transparent and bright.

Led ice buckets

Nantou puli mode
LED ice buckets lights of Taiwan industry research institute, as used in nantou puli skin white asparagus field test, the LED ice buckets lamp import nantou puli water bamboo bamboo shoots light control, adopt the mode of the illuminate of light bulb, the bulb directly mounted above the plant, can make crops by light evenly, make the efficiency of photosynthesis.
Such exposure mode, power consumption greatly reduced more than half, farmers plant to reduce costs, the advantages of LED ice buckets lamps and lanterns luminosity uniformity, light pollution, to increase production, high efficiency, resistance and light pollution. Not only the water bamboo bamboo shoots, Taiwan in organic asparagus, even in the sun in winter, because of the LED ice buckets light source to help fill light, maintain good quality and stable yield, the best material of five-star hotel cuisine, and the fresh sweet and juicy asparagus is from nantou jiujiu peak organic farm and engineering institute of science and technology cooperation.

Plant dedicated, as the fill light use of LED ice buckets light source, a narrow spectrum of monochromatic light, such as red, yellow, orange can be any combination, in the growth of plants in different periods, to give scientific formula “spectrum”, promote the growth of plant health, and solved the fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and other traditional light source in the applications of plant high photosynthetic efficiency, low energy consumption, short life and so on.

Agricultural science and technology power
Using agricultural production LED ice buckets semiconductor lighting, farmers can also bring great wealth? On September 1, the reporter in Dali county double springs, south Pacific qicun village interview, farmers Zhou Yizong gives the same answer: he 5 mu canopy dongzao had sold 400000 yuan this year, made of 80000 yuan per mu, more than four times the surrounding farmers. The mystery is that he USES the LED ice buckets semiconductor lighting, let his winter date listed on the half a month in advance, sold for such a good price.


“This for Zhou Yizong canopy dongzao budding stage exhibition leaf, flower fruit and mature three key points, LED ice buckets semiconductor lighting lighting, make dongzao ripening by half a month, effect is very obvious.” Yangling light was modern agriculture technology development co., LTD., the chief engineer Zhao Duchuan said Zhou Yizong LED ice buckets semiconductor lighting, also known as fatty “LED ice buckets light”, is produced by the company.

“Don’t look down upon only for 15 days in advance,” he said. Zhou Yizong told reporters that his mature dongzao mid to late June, early preempted the market opportunities, to 160 yuan per kilogram is in short supply, and the other the most haven’t sold out. Zhou Yizong said, in his greenhouses with 16 LED ice bucketss, a total investment of 30000 yuan. “Slightly raised, the production of taste more sweet crisp, also listed ahead of time and a half months, 30000 yuan is very cost-effective.” At present, the surrounding many villagers came to see true and false, ask, have learnt from the experiences of his.
In Zhou Yizong greenhouses, the reporter is a real eye-opener, in addition to the LED ice buckets light “fat”, he also bought the import of cucumber in greenhouse heating, temperature and humidity display adjustment of agricultural high-tech equipment. Charging Zhou Yizong regrets ground say: “only by constantly learning, enrich head, agriculture science and technology, is the modern farmers riches gradually

LED Ice Bucket Party Cooler


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