You need to know about the Led ice bucket

Led ice bucket , as the name imply, is used for cooling the need in the condition of ice wine tasting with LED light up.
When the temperature of the wine on the best temperature for consumption, ice bucket in a few minutes to put the temperature drop of wine to be the best.
Its usage is very simple, and ice cold water into the ice bucket to bottle, bottle shoulders ice bucket can quickly reduce the temperature of wine to drink the best temperature, ice bucket of various styles, to reflect more wine in the enterprise culture, make wine more elegant and dignified luxuriant.

Led ice bucket is a kind of display advertising promotion equipment, suitable for stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, square and other promotions,
holiday themes and new products listed for promotion, to create a leisure relaxed shopping atmosphere. Led ice bucket is flexible,
put ice bucket, summer freeze beer, beverages, is advantageous to the brand of outdoor advertising promotional display and cold drink culture, to promote sales.

Method of use edit
1, Led ice bucket with water and ice to operate, and the amount of water and ice should be approximately equal. When the bottle put cool ice bucket, the increased from 300 to 300 g of ice, please. Recommended to join in the winter of 300 g, and in the summer to join the amount of 600 g.

2, add water (cold water) to the bottleneck of the bottle. But shall ensure that the highest plane position of water is 6 cm distance from ice bucket mouth.

3, the correct insert the power cord into the ice bucket and a power socket. And make sure the power cord is securely inserted into the ice bucket.

4, set the timer to the time of your choice, the choice range from 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes. The longer the time, the cooling effect of wine, the better. The shortest time is 5 minutes. The time should be selected depending on the temperature of the bottle before put into the ice bucket.

5, put the bottle in ice bucket.

6, once the timer stop, please pull the ice bucket the power cord, and put the ice bucket on the table, glass should be used luminous wine glass or glass, so you can enjoy ice grape wine.

7, you can continue to use ice bucket cooling other bottle, add some water and ice, can achieve the best cooling effect, can save the water and ice, and drinking wine with filar silk cool.

8, after use, pull the power supply, and empty ice bucket of water and ice, and then the horse ice bucket, make internal dry ice bucket. Easy to use next time. [1]

According to the above method to artfully ice wine, in this hot season is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful enjoyment. As poem “luminous wine glass wine, to drink immediately pipa” written in general. Wine with friends together, accompanied by music, not drunk no return.

9.The most important key is with Led light up.There are many colors for it.It can changeable by remotely or automatically which is used at garden when there is a party as well as bar or other important place.So Led ice bucket is more and more popular


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