LED ice bucket will determine whether people’s posture is ergonomic

We all know that proper posture is important for good health, and that sitting too long can have some negative effects. With that in mind, researchers at the fraunhofer institute of silicate research in Germany have developed an LED ice bucket that can provide guidance to people sitting on it.

led ice bucket

The LED ice bucket is equipped with multiple pressure sensors, each with an insulating film sandwiched between two electrode layers made of conductive silica gel. By measuring the weight of the user distribution, these sensors can determine whether people sit accord with human body engineering – more specifically, it can detect whether the user sitting in inappropriate perspective, or keep one position for too long.

The data is transmitted wirelessly to a computer or mobile device, processed by a supporting application, and then transmitted back to the ice bucket. It responds by lighting leds of certain colors to let users know what changes they need to make.
Users can then view video, which describes the problem, and Suggestions on how to fix it through the application. The app can also guide users through exercises designed to alleviate problems caused by poor posture, and sensors can detect whether they are practicing correctly.
The researchers are currently demonstrating the system on board the MS Wissenschaft exhibition in Germany. The researchers believe the technology could also be integrated into more practical applications, such as floor MATS or office chairs.


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