What is the future for led products

Have you ever think about What is the future for led products.It is will be more intelligent and automatic reugulation for led ice buckets.Here is some new models for your kindly reference:




Let yourself be tempted by the new furniture Design LED. 
The Champagne Bucket Bright LEDs can be used indoors or outdoors as it is waterproof. 
Essential to decorate your bar, lounge, garden, pool, terrace etc … 
A compact, lightweight remote control allows you to change the atmosphere with a single click. 
Thanks to its low power LEDs, this design object is economical and ecological. 
16 colors are available in several modes: fixed, random, fades, transitions, flashes …
The Champagne Bucket Bright can be plugged into a 220V outlet or be autonomous in its batteries. 
Once loaded it has a range of 6 to 8 hours. 
Dimensions: L320*W320*H280 MM
Material: rotational molded plastic (molded in one piece) 
Weight: 1.8 kg 
Colors: 16 colors. 
Remote: fades, flashes, fast, slow, multi-color, mono-colors, ON / OFF … 
Power supply: 220V charger (sealed cap). 
Charging time: 3-4 hours. 
Standards: CE, FCC, IP65 
Battery Life: 6-8 hours (once loaded). 
All the parameter will be better and better ,the performance will be more perfect and perfect!



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