Double plastic led ice bucket Bar French champagne

“Product name” LED ice bucket, LED champagne bucket, KTV champagne bucket

Long overall specification 】 【 bottom diameter 36.5 * 36.5 * 27.2 * 21 cm

The barrel body mass 】 PC material Gross weight 1.9 kg weight of ice bucket 】 【 lamp net weight 1.7 kg charger 45 g in weight.

【 ice bucket source 】 import LED lamp bead 54; 0.03 w * 16 PCS high brightness light bead, the whole lamp 0.5 watts.

【 battery configuration 】 : rechargeable lithium battery 1800 milliampere 3 PCS

Electrical appliances use 】 【 220 ac power. A single charge please control within 4 hours, charging time is too long battery life.

CE, ROHS, FDA, UL certification 】

【 function 】 colorful glow, eight remote control functions, and rechargeable lights dim light, flashing speed adjustment, color, and other functions of full-color LED ice bucket. It can be used in a single static (fixed) color or color change effect as long as you press the button

【 suitable space 】 the bar Evening KTV night club clubhouse snack restaurant home camping, etc.

“Purchase information”

1. Our baby is direct manufacturers, price is absolute advantage, big can also offers!

2. Our lamps and lanterns of accessories (batteries, chargers, power lines, LED light source) and are used by the national authoritative quality inspection department inspection qualified, through the CE ROHS certification standards related to CCC. Than the general product more environmental protection, fire prevention, high temperature resistant, etc.

3. Our baby photo images are all 100%, due to the photographic equipment, technology and computer resolution is different and so on May cause pictures are beautiful enough, or physical objects is a bit off color. Therefore, commodity color in kind prevail;

Taken 4. Our baby spot supply. Buyers usually deliver within 1-2 days after payment. Special circumstances (such as peak power/holiday/build/sell like hot cakes products out of stock, and so on and so forth) 1-5 days to delay the delivery. So please take before consulting our s are the products in the spot, lest delay your time.

5. Baby if damaged in transit from our own. Buyer when the goods should be check, if there is any breakage, shall be indicated in the delivery or logistics single contact with our shop, we’ll reissue accessories.

“Shipping instructions” 1. The way to pay Due to the affinity region and purchase quantity, the freight is different also, our all goods freight standard 0.01 yuan, said we did not charge any freight cost. Taken by the buyer after the baby, according to the actual weight charge by the transportation company directly to kiss!

2. Advance is good buyers and sellers to determine the postage in advance, after the buyer to pay the postage to our shop, from our own collection to express company.

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