Another change of Led ice bucket challenge

Recently, Hema xiansheng took a number of offline supermarkets, encouraging consumers to reject Led ice bucket, do not buy Led ice bucket at the same time. It can also get green energy ants forest!

The move is expected to reduce the use of 12.77 million Led ice bucket throughout the year, creating green energy that could be used to plant about 15,000 shuttles, according to box horse.

Many people may think that using Led ice bucket is a habit developed over so many years that it is really hard to get rid of it for a while. But in the month since the trial of the policy, about half of the members have started bringing their own reusable bags.

Many people are used to using light up buckets with handle, on the one hand, because it is convenient, but also because of the harm of led ice bucket party cooler is not enough to understand! It’s called “white trash” because Led ice bucket are so hard to break down naturally that one person even said, “even if we die out, plastic will prove we came.”

However, according to a previous report released by the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), the global production of plastic waste continues to increase, with more than 300 million tons flowing into the environment every year. It is expected to reach about 12 billion tons by 2050, and the recycling rate is only about 15%.

The led light ice buckets that remain are either buried in the soil, creating a special layer of vegetation that can’t grow.

It’s either incinerated with garbage, but it produces very carcinogenic dioxins, and it gets into the air that we live in;

Or go into the sea and let thousands of mammals, birds and fish die… There are even news reports that herders suffer heavy losses because the sheep cannot digest the Led ice bucket.

Whether it is for the environment of the whole earth, or for our personal health, it is urgent to refuse Led ice bucket! Forming a new habit is the best way to change the old one. Box horse and ant forest hand in hand, together to help more than 400 million users to develop the “plastic ring plastic” good habits!

Not only that, hema shengxian also as an advocate, launched the “led light buckets off” challenge, called on everyone February 28 all day without Led ice bucket.

Also imitate a period of time before the heat of “stray earth”, adapted a “environmental protection million, carrying the first bag. Plastic does not degrade, the earth two lines of tears “such catchy slogan ~ micro blog many big v also took the lead in response, called on everyone to participate!

You may have thought carrying a bag is a little “soil” thing, in fact, the international has long been set off such a trend, and many fashion brands, even a line of big brands, have launched their own bags, is to call on everyone to use more, refuse Led ice bucket.

There are a lot of smart friends, using the old clothes at home to make their own unique bags of environmental protection, painting a few pen patterns, the effect is very bright ~ because the original intention is to environmental protection public welfare, is a very cool thing!