Brightness,Hisense CES starting world first double color 4 k laser bucket

Hisense released the world’s first double color 4 k laser bucket on the eve of the opening CES 2017 on January 4. This release of double color 4 k laser bucket.On the basis of existing blue laser module, increased the red laser module, allowing more fresh, green and red in color, color gamut and brightness increases significantly.

colorful led ice buckets

Its brightness has increased to 360 nita, achieved the brightness of high-end LCD bucket standard, and 110% 72% of the NTSC color gamut is far better than that of ordinary bucket NTSC. Tremendous progress in the two core index, marked the laser bucket on quality has caught up with and even beyond high-end Led ice bucket, together with its huge cost and price advantage, really have the power of “subversion” television and capital.

Colorful LED Ice Bucket

Hisense plans to launch in 2017 “, 88 “, 100 “, 100 “, 140 “, etc. Series of products, and have started three color laser display of preparatory work, with rich product line rapid amplification of laser bucket market scale. As the world’s leading laser bucket, hisense since 2015 has been launched in CES three consecutive generation of laser bucket, one small step for a year, a big step forward in the last three years. “We have become a global laser bucket undisputed market leader.” Hisense group President Liu Hongxin to promote the rapid growth of the global market on a large screen full of confidence.


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