LED Ice bucket v2.0 coming: blindfolded challenge is Popular in America

On western social networks, photos like this one, of people going out with blinders on, little video, have a hashtag: #BirdBoxChallenge

Birds and boxes for LED Ice Buckets? What does it have to do with led ice bucket acrylic being blindfolded?

led ice buckets from youtube picture

In fact, “Bird Box” is the title of Netflix’s latest r-rated god thriller.

The English name really doesn’t make sense, so Netflix sweetly gave it a Chinese name, “blindfold”.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, without overstating the plot, here’s what it’s about:

A sudden disaster befell the earth, people outside the room with their eyes open will be controlled by mysterious demons, some people will see the passing of their loved ones, some people will feel extreme fear, some people will be deceived by the extremely beautiful scene, will commit suicide on the spot. To get out of control, you have to be in the room, and you have to wear a blindfold outside.
In this disaster, Mallory, a single mother, tries to protect her children because they are the only source of courage for her to continue to live.
With such a setting as “blindfold free control led ice bucket acrylic“, a large number of pictures of wearing eye masks naturally appear in the film.

led ice buckets picture

Sandra bullock as Mallory:
The leading male character, Tom, is played by Trevante Rhodes, best picture Oscar winner for moonlight:

In the period after the initial disaster, people gradually learned how to live blindfolded. Blind as they were, they were at least largely free to go out and collect food and tools, though that was dangerous.

Retreat 10 thousand pace, want the window to have keep out only in the room, can open an eye at ease, just want to be on guard against somebody to do damage intentionally…
In the film, Mallory has to cover his eyes every once in a while, take the children out to collect necessities and survival clues, and train the children’s blindfolded perception and survival ability with ice bucket with led light.

Finally, they found a way out. Even though the path was extremely difficult, full of unknown dangers and temptations that might kill them, Mallory decided to take one last desperate attempt to keep her children alive.
There are probably A lot of fans who immediately think of another movie: A Quiet Place.
Both films are sensual: in blindfold, you accidentally open your eyes and are controlled by a demon, while in silent land, you make a little noise and are seized by a monster.

Their plot people set are a bit similar, so that some people make fun of “blindfolded” is copied “silent” homework…
In the past, Netflix has released a number of so-called “data-driven” genre movies, which contain a large number of elements that the algorithm thinks the audience will like ice bucket with led light.
Thriller, science fiction is the most important type of this film, plot boring, forced reversal, set routines, acting generally does not matter, as long as the marketing to keep up with will certainly be seen – a bit like in the domestic literally shoot a ghost film can earn back the meaning of the box office.
Many of you probably thought led light ice bucket blindfolded was one of those movies before you clicked in.
Not really!

The Settings of the film are also diverse, which have experienced riots in the streets, secret rooms, a turbulent river that may die at any time, and the dangerous jungle and other scenes, without the fatigue of a single scene.
The main creator’s treatment of the source of the thriller is quite advanced, especially in one scene, the characters are crowded in the invisible car, using the obstacle sensing system to drive, to avoid the invisible devil, creating a new tension.
Most important of all, the film (original and novel) explores an extremely simple thriller set: when the surroundings become dark, when a person’s vision is the most dependent on sensory temporarily blocked, know must die, but in order to always yearned for the good, always looking for salvation, and in order to protect the children, protection of innocence and goodness, you are willing to open your eyes and face the fear itself?
Blindfolded went live over the New Year holiday and was watched more than 45 million times in its first week, according to Netflix. That translates to a third of all Netflix subscribers who have already seen the film.
Among those users, YouTube lifestyle blogger Morgan Adams may not have invented the led champagne ice bucket challenge, but he was probably the first to do it…
She posted her ’24 hour blindfold challenge’ on YouTube, where she recorded herself driving to a fast food restaurant with friends, going to the window with a blindfold, flirting with the waiter…

Later, they went to the casino New Year’s eve, wearing eye masks to play gambling machines, still in the hotel to imitate the film in the rapids plot, almost killed by escalator…

The 24-hour blindfold challenge has been watched more than 1.8 million times in three days, with more than 110,000 thumb up so far:

At the same time, a large number of “blindfolded Challenge for led ice bucket” video also began to appear on the Internet, has become a “LED Ice bucket Challenge” after another social network virus phenomenon trend.
There are those who throw their children in bathtubs for scare education…

It’s the scene where the kid falls into the water and Mallory goes for it

There are children who simply run for their lives and leave:

There is a confusion between reality and film:

There are drifters on the street (kidding) :

And then there are the purely funny ones:

“I want my mom to see things from my perspective.”

“What excuse do you have for someone who can look after two children blindfolded?”

Netflix’s official account also weighed in:
I didn’t expect to say this, but don’t let the Bird Box challenge hurt you! We don’t know how it started, but we are grateful for the love everyone gave us. But the boy and the girl only have one New Year’s resolution: don’t go to the hospital because of playing tricks.
Even ABC, the us television network, is getting in on the action. On Wednesday’s good morning America, the blindfolded challenge was broadcast live:

Here want to say: American friends, you are really too! No! To chat! !
But for the siliconians, there is something to be found in this boring challenge.
While many netizens have taken part in the blindfolded challenge, others have opposed its popularity: “this is different from the last LED Ice bucket challenge. The gang had a good time and didn’t end up donating money to any charity. (and played himself hurt). “”

That’s true. Originally intended to fund prevention research and treatment for ALS, the LED Ice bucket challenge required either a donation or a bucket of ice with three participants. The LED Ice bucket challenge started with foreign bigwigs, most of whom donated money and poured cold water, with the former as the core purpose and the latter as a way to generate buzz.
And this “blindfold challenge”, if exclude oneself to ceng the hot spot to earn to broadcast quantity besides Netflix, more be like a netizen spontaneous, the virus that is purpose for fun spreads an event.

The challenge is over, the heat is gone, and the world is no better for it.

Why not take this opportunity to make it better?

Now, there is another voice that is beginning to call for not taking part in the challenge (mainly for safety reasons), but it would be nice to ask people to donate money to the charitable foundation for the blind — even more to help the blind around you.

Siliconians do think that people with a heart (and a lot of money) can take part in the blindfold challenge, using video and the like, and using the event itself as a call to action to raise awareness about the blind.
Blind people have one less sense than us, but they also want to protect the goodness and beauty of the world, just like the heroine who tries her best in the movie.