2018 New Released Led Ice Bucket from Chic Led

Product name: LED plastic champagne ice bucket

Led ice bucket

The 2018 NEW LED ice bucket, wine mixer, wine glass and other supplies enterprises. Chic LED integrates r&d, design, production and processing, marketing and sales, and serves domestic and foreign gift companies, advertising planning companies, traders and liquor companies through high-quality products, with customers throughout the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Chic LED is the professional production ice bucket enterprise focus on OEM ODM More than 10 Years. It has various ice bucket amounts to dozens of models. Foreign wine brands have mostly cooperated with us. For example: JOHNNIE WALKER, chivas, perling altar, emperor, mattieri, hennessy, remy, heineken, carlsberg . In the years of production experience and international famous brand demanding, we ensure that every product is quality.

Chic LED is good at plastic process LOGO printing process. We can also produce edge products with similar process. Welcome to the drawing, sample, creative, we will do our best to meet your needs!

2018 NEW Led ice bucket picture

Product model: CHIC-LED226

Capacity: 24L

Material: PS/AS

Number of LED lights: 60

Power supply: 6 AA batteries or plug-in

Product size: 60.5*58*H28*D0.8

Color: a variety of colors available to customers

Weight: 2200 g

Packaging: 1PCS/PP bags, 6PCS/ boxes

Chic LED advantage: this product is made of transparent PS/ acrylic, the color of LED lamp can be freely changed and freely chosen, the material is environmental protection, the quality is high-grade, it is the bar, the nightclub essential product, is also the majority of wine business beer enterprise chooses the promotion product and the advertisement gift choice. Welcome each new old customer to discuss, the choice.

Functional purposes

The Led Ice bucket is suitable for portable and table. Applies to household, hotels, restaurants, bars, KTV and frozen its various characteristics of liquor products also make it a personal and business gifts and the choice of high-grade, high product promotion, not only in the short term has appeared in many private and business social occasions, for people’s communication has played a good role, and has been selected the famous brand of leisure and hospitality, as promotional products, not only increase the product’s selling point, improve the grade of the product, strong appeal, the promotion effect is obvious.

Led Ice buckets features

1. Use quality materials to make solid products.

2. Innovative design, energy – saving and environmental protection, easy to carry.

3. Clean, safe, non – toxic, no rot, cleaning convenient.

4. Suitable for home, hotel, bar, KTV, restaurant, high-end business club, etc.

Method of use
Freeze: put food or liquor in an ice bucket with some ice cubes. Freeze for about 5 minutes (enough ice) to get a really good effect. It can be frozen at the top or side of food, drink, fruit, etc