The world’s first LED runway, in this shape…

Each a pair of running shoes came to this world, want to be put on it in the wind like teenager. It is speed to follow the heart, mood, free end point was the azure, behind is a procession.

led runway

For those of you who like to run at night, after a day of study, it’s not fun to run in the lighted playground. Nike built a sports stadium in Manila to promote LunarEpic running shoes. The 200 meters, surrounded by LED screens, creates a movement experience in the intersection of light and shadow.

led runway picture
The entire run is not the round track we normally see, but a “8” type of race. The inspiration came from Nike’s shoes. And it’s designed to save a lot of building space by running to the same length.

Just magnify the shoe to 100 times. (80 m * 20 meters)
Is this a beautiful runway that makes you want to run twice? This is a race track that you can run against yourself, assuming you have a pair of expensive LunarEpic running shoes (about 1,399 yuan). Each pair of shoes has sensors that track everyone’s movements using ultra-precise RFID technology.
In order to make the sport more interesting, on the run to the design, the entire ran is not smooth all the way, but increased the uphill and the downhill, make run more interesting. (after all, it’s only 200 meters, as rich as possible in a finite length.)

Let’s see how we can race ourselves. When you run the first lap, your speed will be LED by sensors on the shoes on the screen capture, when you run the second circle, the LED screen will appear your image, and moves at the speed of your first lap. There are also many led ice buckets are showing around the runway.

led ice buckets

In this case, every running LED screen in your lap will give you an image of the moving speed of your last lap. In this way, every lap of your lap is racing against your own. Well, that’s interesting.
Not only that, but Nike also offers different kinds of players in the screen. There are walking and runners, and Nike’s own athletes.

You can choose according to their exercise habits of different partners who practice partner, of course, the LED screen can present basic portrait, if one day you male god or goddess can also appear in practice partner personnel database, so can not running with male god everyday? Is it interesting to fantasize about transcending the male gods? Run all the way to 30 people at once.

Can say, this is the world’s most innovative training track, and it is the most famous designer creative planning advertising company than hz (BBH), the planning company from Singapore had cooperation with many well-known brands of the world, to create classic works.

In the awards sponsored by the international association for digital arts and sciences, they presented the 2017 webby award for the LED runway made by NIKE.

In Manila, the runway is also a must-have sport. Don’t play for others, compete against yourself, challenge yourself.
Of course the image is clear in the evening, so it’s definitely the best night run.

 2017 new elegant nixon watch classic masterpieces

Constant (Frederique Constant) is not only to create “palpable luxury” master.  This time, the brand  of cheap nixon watches further breakthrough self, to offer a reasonable price, more fashionable bright eye classic masterpiece.
Good philosophy
While other brands are selling out of reach, it has come up with a list of watches that you can realistically own. Enjoy the luxury goods without waiting, the consden let the high-quality goods reach! The new elegance nixon watch is no exception. The wristwatch series incorporates all the classic elements of the brand and sells only 595 Swiss francs, which is definitely worth it.

Constance’s new elegant nixon watch incorporates modern classic masterpieces
Modern classic
Nail grain decoration, from Paris to 3 o ‘clock position week with date window, so that the traditional 40 mm watchcase, elegant quartz series three new FC – 225 series wrist watch to present all the classic elements of constant experience is long cover is new. On the other hand, from the same series of additional three watch of wrist of FC – 259 for traditional tabulation technology to add new: in different colors of the dial, respectively, the date of the match at 3 o ‘clock and 9 o ‘clock position and week small dial, and very clear with scale. Both series are equipped with fine steel and gold-plated styles, and provide black, dark brown and light brown.
Constance’s new elegant nixon watch incorporates modern classic masterpieces

Fashion accessories
To this day, the focus of the wristwatch is not just a display of time, but a way of expressing yourself, and the user wants to send a message to the world through a wristwatch that is worn. The new and elegant quartz wrist watch spans two worlds in the process of tabulation, combining two styles to make the traditional craft a contemporary fashion. Design the gender line of the picture, and let the men’s watch be the same as the woman’s wrist. And then a new standard of fashion and new trends.

Constance’s new elegant nixon watch incorporates modern classic masterpieces
The company has been a pioneer of “accessible luxury”, and with its new, elegant nixon watch, it has made a new step to the wider world.