LED glow stick for Concert use,all kinds of party glowing bubble bar

Every concert for fan is an audio and visual enjoyment. Songs don’t say.Let’s take a look at the colorful lights.It makes fans difficult to forget.Tens of thousands of Led Led glow stick, and shining in the darkness of the square, especially pretty.That is people in the hands of good cheer.Whether it is in a concert, the glowing bubble bar is an indispensable part.

Let’s together to get to know the LED bar:
Led glow stick classification:One kind is electronic Led glow stick, electric light with battery, battery run out, to change a battery can shine, as long as they don’t destroy it

Electronic accessories.
Additionally one kind is chemical Led glow stick, also called the glo-sticks, consists of two kinds of chemicals, acid and alkali, and light chemical reaction after the break.
The principle of the Led glow stick:
Chemical luminescent Led glow stick is an international popular new type of light source. It does not need power supply.The chemical energy directly into light energy.It can form red, orange, blue, yellow, green, violet and color and so on the many kinds of color.It can light 0.5-24 hours continuously, and nontoxic and harmless.

LED bar main purpose is to cheer, party party, a large number of used for concerts, games, carnival, Halloween, Christmas and other large-scale activities. Also applied in the festival, festival, festival decoration, toys, supplies, lighting, survival, night signal and special light source in areas such as fishing, popular.

The kinds of Led glow stick:
Led glow stick according to its raw material is different.There are electronic Led glow stick and fluorescent Led glow stick.Electronic Led glow stick, such as all kinds of LED flashlight, colorful flash rods, rods, Christmas rods, etc

led glow sticks

Fluorescent Led glow stick, like a fluorescent bracelet,fluorescent rod, fluorescent sticks, fluorescent collar, there are a variety of fluorescent accessories, etc.
Using the Led glow stick note: :
Led glow stick in the electronic watch battery recycling, don’t throw. So as not to cause the pollution of environment. Glo-sticks in use should pay attention to, can not use the children under the age of three, lest produce risk.
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Source: 2017 World Cup of led source,four players with three major tournaments

It can like LED light-emitting fever, illuminating every corner of the world in 2017.

The 2017 World Cup in led light source.It has missed three games: “light show champion war”, “lighting light champion war”, “UV light champion war”…

After years, about light outlook in the New Year! Worthy of attention in the 21st century new light source has the following four:
Quantum Dot (QD)

These four characteristics are different light.But the one thing in common is all to electroluminescent and the use of materials for energy gap and radiative recombination of certain wavelengths of light.It is the key to human manipulation of light loading, and the starting point of “light” towards a new era,especially for led ice buckets.

led ice buckets

Four big king kong, LED and Laser go early, is the main melody of semiconductor light source in the last 20 years.It compared with “new pattern” of OLED, and QD “location is unknown, the LED and Laser epochal light is without a doubt, the former is to display, lighting, the latter is to the sensing, communication, industrial, it may be said of the enlightenment, and also of the revolution! If the two light never appear, it’s hard to imagine what life would be today.
LED rapid development since 2010, the output rise year after year, the results haven’t been able to enjoy prosperity aura, just in a short span of five years of time, from the offensive to tangle of defenders, between 2015 and 2016, many to replace the LED’s voice began to appear, including natural nakamura to fix two says “the Laser is the first generation X to replace the LED light source”, there is no doubt that modern history was elected Laser best spokesperson.

In the field of display, OLED also assists in samsung’s cultivation, apple, successfully implanted “show X generation light source” business image. “Next generation” these three words, it has been a new technology without be want to seize the halo, because “next generation” means upgrading, replace, “instead of” another level is the meaning of “regime change”, and the process of change, more will be hatched a new hero of new era and new millionaires, king, no matter how much it sounds more shallow tradesmen, but actually is the terminus of the entrepreneurs, scientists and investors homelands.

Indeed, LED has been “contemporary”. “contemporary” is not only sweet achievement, is also a burden of the word, which means that even if you constantly progress, also cannot say that he is “next generation”, and compared with mature LED efficiency and manufacture ability, three other light also has the very big space technology development, technology development is a natural derivative technology instead of imagination, for the foreseeable future there will always be more the ebb and flow of business applications and stretched, until decades later the influence of the ratio of blur, all has not been eliminated illuminant, guarding and ideal point back to the technical standard.

Not to be missed the next World Cup, there are three RACES: “shows light champion”, “lighting light champion war”, “UV light champion war” :
1, display light
Display includes a tablet, projection, virtual/augmented reality, and the holographic technology (hologram), flat-panel display is the focus of the contemporary, the advantages and disadvantages of individual technology snow last year also said a probably (using the word last year, have a kind of unspeakable feeling).
LED, LED to the Micro is perhaps the last LED display application, perhaps is the pursuit of the perfect ultimate type, and the collocation with LCD also has years to go, at least a backlight no one want to and the LED for this field;
The OLED is growing in the field of display, nature is a big boost to the organic material, but can you hold this momentum, then converted into sustainable commercial energy, will be the OLED important topic in 2017;

Laser of high energy density, highly concentrated sex, make it become the ideal light source of projection technology, the application in flat display so far just gimmicks, haven’t found a good focus;

Quantum dots as a light source in the 21st century the most junior of the contestants, and so far no quickly off the subject, in 2017 will still be hard ducks paddling, energy reserves, development speed significantly factory attached to the brand marketing strategy.

Show market war, is absolutely the best, is also the biggest impact range, is OLED production capacity in 2018 years, was a key year, volume production of Micro LED all climax of revolution in the display industry, a few days ago also referred to as the “year”, it also has become a “next year,” became a momentous upheaval to marketing battle in 2017, just as before the movie masterpieces of viral marketing, also various psychological warfare, such as before the war started in 2017 is expected to flowers exhibition, business of lofty public relations speech, industry media active, will come to unprecedented highs.

Don’t forget, in 2017, one more thing, is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.
2, lighting light
Home lighting is still traditional light source, the campaign elder LED is not yet finished, other light source as a junior, dozen high-end market can’t make money all want to make a question mark, aiming at the application of the people’s livelihood natural and so on, what kind of OLED and Laser legend lighting source is the future of the country, if marketing language just, if the objective trend of the future, that clearly beyond the scope of my current understanding.
Lighting, this is the necessities should satisfy all levels of consumption ability limit, nature is the most sensitive to the price, the most demanding light source, and have the characteristics of highly affected by the policy, in my opinion, the 2017 general lighting, or focus on the LED how to attack.
3, UV light
UV light in particular, because he is still by traditional technology (mercury lamp) to do his duty, LED’s life from the long wave hit shortwave, basically if infrared/red LED’s hometown, the turning point of the blue light is LED, the UV light for the LED, is a new journey, and only in the UV light, LED can hold your head high, saying:
“Well, I listen to is the next generation of light source! Is. A. Generation!”

Even unwrapped UV wavelength, LED is from long to short wave, UVA is a entrance, key or difficulty highest UVC, the highly oligopolistic, short wave optical market is another, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Taiwan area in the strategic position of LED technology development, when the past blu-ray overlord, the chemical, UVC announced in 2017 when mass production, will also be some meaningful milestone.

It Had cried CCFL mercury and energy dissipation.LED has swept again. Led can repeat the glory and become the fate of mercury Nemesis this time.”life forever in the heart pain” you say.Is the race worth watching?

Brightness,Hisense CES starting world first double color 4 k laser bucket

Hisense released the world’s first double color 4 k laser bucket on the eve of the opening CES 2017 on January 4. This release of double color 4 k laser bucket.On the basis of existing blue laser module, increased the red laser module, allowing more fresh, green and red in color, color gamut and brightness increases significantly.

colorful led ice buckets

Its brightness has increased to 360 nita, achieved the brightness of high-end LCD bucket standard, and 110% 72% of the NTSC color gamut is far better than that of ordinary bucket NTSC. Tremendous progress in the two core index, marked the laser bucket on quality has caught up with and even beyond high-end Led ice bucket, together with its huge cost and price advantage, really have the power of “subversion” television and capital.

Colorful LED Ice Bucket

Hisense plans to launch in 2017 “, 88 “, 100 “, 100 “, 140 “, etc. Series of products, and have started three color laser display of preparatory work, with rich product line rapid amplification of laser bucket market scale. As the world’s leading laser bucket, hisense since 2015 has been launched in CES three consecutive generation of laser bucket, one small step for a year, a big step forward in the last three years. “We have become a global laser bucket undisputed market leader.” Hisense group President Liu Hongxin to promote the rapid growth of the global market on a large screen full of confidence.