Turned against environmental rectification, or affect Led ice buckets manufacturing

China Central environmental protection inspectorate 4 inspectors to foshan, to conduct the environmental supervision YingJian work! Leaders at all levels personally led the scene inspector supervisory control as a result, collaborative public security law enforcement. environmental law enforcement officers on the closure discharge enterprises. Both to investigate a number of illegal enterprises, also want to set up a batch of good typical enterprise.

News today “environmental protection turned against the firms are to keep factories and workers idle and non-standard important origin of foshan lion mountain closure of 22, 63 companies was held to check, shunde price rotary header stainless steel and cartons are sold out of stock, after this year building materials hardware enterprise whether the holiday in advance” news in the media blasted pot.

According to the survey more than that: it is a joint law enforcement, shut down is not only environmental protection does not pass, there are many more procedures incomplete, unrealized “project examination and approval first, then built on plant equipment and so on complete programs”, were all closed. All jobs workers must hold relevant certificates and requirements, whether you’re running a forklift or crane, or welders, polisher,… Do not conform to the requirements of all closed.

Environment impact on the economy is obvious, especially the policy more directly, and the influence of manufacturing nearly period of time in “supply chain supply rising raw material prices,” the storm, it was the same as Led ice buckets industry. However recently from upstream “guangdong environmental protection regulation for many manufacturing enterprise production regulation” it is definitely icing on the cake for the current manufacturing blow – in today’s supply chain cooperative engagement, inescapably, production out of stock directly affect the downstream enterprises upstream raw material supply.

The guangdong environmental protection a clampdown on building materials hardware enterprise influence, bear the brunt of the die casting aluminum industry is affected, a lot of is not in conformity with the provisions of the state of die-casting aluminum enterprises suspended in the clean up close, it may also will be on the die casting aluminum Led ice buckets industry supply chain impact – in general, manufacture substandard its product price is relatively low, and rectify the unqualified enterprises, their upstream downstream enterprise only to those with strength and qualification of large enterprises, product quality improvement at the same time, the cost price is also relatively increase, the Led ice buckets die-casting aluminum housing costs will be relatively rise, on the other hand the regulation surface is wide, the range of strength is very strong, so in the future for a long time, die-casting aluminum enterprise productivity will be affected, serious falling capacity is likely to impact on industry upstream die-casting aluminum delivery time. Currently the industry people have said: “the hardware” don’t buy January a big rise in price now, mark-up only high not low!

The current wholesale Led ice buckets industry is in the midst of encapsulation and PCB board out of stock “disaster”, and if even die casting aluminum housing that piece of began to “turmoil”, screen companies are more sad. In the so-called history’s most severe in the regulation of the pollution treatment, although many companies suffered a certain effect, but at the same time we must notice this suspended its closed enterprise is more a way of low-end low-quality companies do not meet the provisions of the state standards, to purify the market return, product quality has great benefits.

Although the current increase in the price of Led ice buckets manufacturing industry faces a shortage, heavy taxes, enterprise credit detection, combined with the policy of the pollution treatment and so on pressure now,as the reform of the state encourages the supply side and consumer upgrades, and eliminate the low capacity of pollution, coupled with the big market reshuffle, various policy index rising, consumer product safety and quality improving of science and technology, the change is all good for the markets of the future

Luminous LED ice AD Bar bucket 7 colour change

Plastic material led ice buckets – 9806 product category wine style European article number printed LOGO can brand the sun lighting design pure color microwave oven, not with the color red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white case number 50 / box trade properties shall be applicable to the domestic trade gift giving occasions public relations planning, wedding, opening ceremony, business gifts, birthday, employee benefits, fairs, the anniversary celebration, advertising promotions, holiday, the memory of disposable supplies no suite number 5 head packaging specifications: 24 * 23 * 25.5 CM / 1 PCS gross weight: 956 g net weight: 622 g – Luminous led ice buckets features

led ice buckets

Decorative supplies this product is popular all over the world, high-grade appearance beautiful, novel, environmental protection, abound change. Can form a complete set of remote controller, power adapter. Start switch can automatically after seven different variations of the light, the pause button to lock in a certain color, advanced visual enjoyment, more add profusion colour of life. Product shell is made of PE plastic a environmental protection material forming, there are all kinds of size and style, different style (according to individual be fond of and environmental collocation designing novel style and appearance), using the LED color pattern (RGB) principle, the available remote control slow, rapidly changing color, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, seven kinds of color and brightness. Can also be fixed in a certain color.

Luminous LED ice AD Bar bucket

Suitable for home interior decoration lamp, improve the quality of life, such as room, living room, office, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and so on, make the space romance,. Also can be used as a potted plant flowers potted plants in the living room, courtyard, garden, park, subway, city roads beautify the environment, the style is novel, with convenient transport, not afraid, not afraid to fall, not afraid of weathered, resistance to wear. The shell material: PE plastic – polyethylene. Material performance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation good (especially high frequency insulation) and the melting point of low pressure polyethylene, rigidity, hardness and high strength, small water imbibition, good electric properties and radiation resistance; High pressure polyethylene softness, elongation, impact strength and permeability is better; Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene high impact strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance. Wholesale led ice buckets with remote control.

wholesale led ice buckets

Infrared remote control distance: > = 4 m
There are 8 buttons on the infrared remote control, for the open key, play/pause button, adjust how quickly + / – keys, color brightness transformation, custom color keys and reset button
Key: open boot automatically run the default color gradient transfer mode, respectively is red – green – blue – orange – white – pink, purple
Play/pause button: color conversion to is your favorite color according to suspend

Brightness adjustment + / – button: there are 4 brightness control
Color changes how key: can custom color conversion speed
Custom colors button: this button according to a defined a color; Respectively red – green – blue – orange – white – pink, purple, if after cycle returns to the red color will run in jump way
Reset button: reset to the default program colorful luminous ice bucket, LED ice bucket, plastic luminous ice bucket, suitable for bar, hotel, and entertainment places.
Can be used to adjust the mood, increase the romantic hazy appeal, suitable for ice beer, wine, drinks, etc.
There are a variety of colors and lighting effects to choose from.

Easy to use, simply start at the bottom of the switch. Features: colorful color, charge, remote control. (battery, there are three versions: a. b. charging, c., and remote control model) is applied to the family, hotels, hotels, clubs, bars, casinos and other indoor public places decoration and ornament effect craft: rotomolding technology, PCB and electronic components, injection, pad printing, all process meet EN71, ASTM F963, ROSH standard (heavy metal content) = = = = = = purchase guidelines our factory specializing in the production of various kinds of PE furniture lamp act the role ofing, hotel decoration and bar supplies, etc., has a high strength anti shock and corrosion resistance, for liquid chemicals and oil has a strong resistance, waterproof level can reach more than 48, but this advantage at the same time also has become a big disadvantage, in adornment can change on modelling, it is hard to make decorative coating, unable to injection and pad printing, many guests for some had to give up their information outside and logo, and so on. But the design is novel, let you fondle admiringly, exported to Europe and the United States, combined with years of company development, now our company has formed a complete set of advanced production and sales system, provide timely and convenient services to our customers, after receiving the order will be in the fastest time delivery. The price is reasonable, quality assurance, let you get the most satisfactory services. Main products include: LED bar table lamp, charging candlestick, resin imitation antique ashtray, bar rechargeable candle light and a series of leisure and entertainment products! At present, the country more than 600 bars in using our LED rechargeable table lamp! Got the recognition and support of customers! The product unceasingly in the update! Plastic technology introduction — –
Roll forming is also called the spiral model, Rotational molding, Rotational molding, Rotational molding, rotary forming, such as English expression for Rotational Moulding. Roll forming process is first will join the rest of the mould of plastic raw materials, and then die along two vertical axis rotation and heating, a mould of plastic raw materials under the action of gravity and thermal energy, evenly coated, gradually melt adhesive on the entire surface of the cavity, forming the shape of the required, then through shaped by cooling products.

Processing of plastics and its composites molding process there are many kinds of, in addition to our common extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, plastic and plastic products of a processing method. Plastic industrial development soon, at present, foreign and domestic due to various factors, such as slower processing cycle and the limit of the material used, rotomolding industry development speed is lower than other plastic molding processing industry.
Plastic Led ice buckets is important to note that the production efficiency is very low, typically a product must in 30 to 60 minutes before the time of production, including forming, cooling, disassembling mold. So the quantity of the products is by the number of the mould, can rotate multiple mould computer at the same time production. With the remote control, can choose a color, can also be colorful change, take charge, charge can work 6 hours luminous ice bucket: it can glow in the dark. Switch on/off button when super bright leds shining through, and reflected the ice, to illuminate the whole barrel. That looks great, is full of ice and a bottle of wine, and displayed in the dark. For indoor or outdoor use. Very cool!