2016 New Eco – Friendly Led Lighting Ice Buckets for Bar

Item Name: Classic Led transparent handle light ice bucket
Item No:Led ice buckets 20160612
Specification: 198 * 198 * 280 mm


Small portable led ice bucket with white light and colorful lights and two white light monochromatic no remote control, colorful lights and configure the remote 7 colour can adjust the light color that oneself like, or colorful automatic color change, also can adjust the brightness of the light.

Small oblique ice bucket

Biggest bright spot and breakthrough for this product: breaking is not broken!!!!! No matter from the high bar or hand fell again, it is safe. To save you the cost of daily consumption.

It is suitable for hotels, bars, KTV etc. For serving ice, beverage bottle, champagne, wine, beer, etc.

The second generation waterproof ice bucket – 6 second generation waterproof ice bucket – 7
Small portable colorful remote ice is widely used in hotels, bars, KTV etc. Used in ice, beverage bottle, champagne, red wine, beer, etc.


Function: leds have artistic conception of the ice bucket. It can be used in a single static (fixed) color or just press the button to produce dream change color.
The second generation waterproof ice bucket – 8
Packing: 12pc/ box
Gross weight: 8 kg net weight: 9 kg
Packing size: 410 * 410 * 282 mm
Big hand luminous ice bucket size: 425 * 285 * 325 mm