Do you want to have a small summer LED ice bucket?

Lano semiconductor lighting sorching summer, It is better to find a bar, drink and refreshing drinks which feels so relaxed. Wine storage experts Vinotemp launched a small LED ice bucket is really cool, dropping a must-have in good drink in the summer. The little ice bucket can iced a bottle of drink in 15 minutes.

led ice bucket

More important, its beautiful appearance also can bring people pleasure. After put bottles into small ice bucket, ice bucket will make it rotate in the soft LED light and changing the LED lights both fascinates people interested and can indicate the time and effect of cold. To think of it, with a melodious soothing music, friends or lovers in table and drink, and favorite beverage bottle in the small ice bucket in the soft light and overflow continuous water slowly rotating. Shouldn’t be a most beautiful summer night in your memory?