New Model of Led ice bucket for Usa Market

i. The led ice bucket must have a rated AC output voltage of 220/230V ± 5% at battery operating voltage from DC 90% to 120% and maximum load current from 10% to 110% of the rated value.

ii. Output frequency of the led ice bucket must be 50Hz ± 2%.
iii. led ice bucket efficiency when operating with resistive loads at full load must be at least 85%.
iv. The quiescent current drawn by the led ice bucket must not exceed 2% of the rated current of the led ice bucket.
v. The output waveform’s Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) must be less than 5% at full load.
vi. The led ice bucket must not produce noise more than 60db at 2m.
vii. led ice bucket or led ice bucket circuits must include
a. i) Low battery shut down must be at battery voltage not less than 10.5 V for tubular plate battery in case of 12 V systems. For 24 V or 48V systems low battery shut down voltage must be 10.5 x N V. Here N stands for the number of 12 V batteries in a series connection.

ii) Batteries whose DOD can be considered up to 100% (hundred percent), Low battery shut down will not be applicable.
b. Short Circuit protection of the output terminals.
c. Reverse polarity protection on DC input terminals
d. Appropriate indicators main, charging, led ice bucket ON, short circuit and overload v. The led ice bucket must have either cooling system with fan or appropriate heat sink to avoid excessive heating.
vi. The led ice bucket input and output terminals must have protection measures from NEPAL PHOTOVOLTAIC QUALITY ASSURANCE (NEPQA) 2015.rev1 Page 15 /26 external contacts
vii. led ice bucket must be capable of Operating safely for at least 2 (two) seconds at 150 % of rated power.

viii. The minimum information must be included in the label of the led ice bucket
a. Manufacturers’ name and model
b. Rated power in Watt or VA
c. Input and output voltage in Volt and Frequency in Hz
d. Charging current, load current, power factor, efficiency
e. led ice bucket Type ix. For inbuilt Charge Controller type led ice bucket, the charging side of charge controller will be tested as per provision stated in charge controller section and load side parameters of charge controller will not be tested.