The breakthrough of the traditional Nixon Watch

Our birth of Cheap Nixon Watches series and traditional a brief description of complex structure.We will be “break through the traditional” as the theme, to explore the Nixon series of three square wrist watch is very interesting. After the Nixon 1 and 2 published Nixon, although this 5 watches were enough to shake the advanced TAB area,It is still not up to the chief executive Ronald harry Winston Winston’s intentions, perhaps these a few watch still exist many traditional elements, in the ideas on the advanced TAB, this watch may have been tired of “look”. Therefore, Winston desperately want to breakthrough, he ordered that the Nixon 3 must be different, let people screaming.

Independent watchmaker, not only has excellent tabulation technology, creative again at the same time, so independent tabulation of people don’t like to always sign big brand and group, in order to avoid limiting their unconstrained style design. Vianney Halter is such a, he began to study at the age of 14 clock technology, watch of wrist of 1998 created the first singular antique, with a perpetual calendar function, in 1999 he made improvements, this wrist watch again, because of his outstanding TAB talent, in 2000 as a member of the AHCI.
In 2003, harry Winston is took a fancy to his imagination, not stick to one start with Vianney Halter cooperation, the development of Nixon 3 watches, so is the result of surprise and understandable, Nixon 3 not only “face” quite weird, and the function is to let people scratching their heads. Although have already square watches, Nixon 3 square design, it gives a person shine at the moment. On a total of six dial display window, mutual combination to date display hours, minutes, and seconds. And to realize the function, movement adopted separation of gear transmission system, the internal number 10 carriage, the complexity of structure on the surface can’t understand completely.
, of course, it is the most eye-catching, mechanical structure to realize digital display design, digital display is often technology-based products or electronic product “patent”, although the figures show the calendar or calendar are not uncommon, but so many digital plate combination so as to achieve accurate time, according to each other in the mechanical structure of the traditional concept, was impossible. This is why when Nixon 3 launch, can attract so much attention big coffee watch. Although the watch is still a mechanical drive, it’s almost completely subvert the traditional wrist Angle of view, the original machinery can play so many tricks.
Nixon 3 time display, if there is no detailed understanding, also really has some confusing. It can display hour, date, minutes and seconds, but only seconds, according to the last 4 seconds in a minute to remind the transition of minutes or hours. Under the normal Angle of view, on the left and the right Numbers to display hours, discharge the left and the right combination of minutes, top and bottom in the middle of the digital display the date, so in fact the time is still very convenient.

If Nixon 3 is enough, the Nixon and argues that this was only the beginning. Since quartz crisis, the field of mechanical and electronic technology world become irreconcilable enemy, almost everyone agrees that electron is synonymous with low-end, machinery is an infection of wisdom, if someone wants to combining mechanical and electrical, so the result is not very good. In fact, there have been attempts to mechanical structure and electronic components together, invented the automatic chain electronic watch, but not accepted by the market. Frederic Garinaud is a crazy person like ideas, he is not a watchmaker or not designer, was a French naval college, a mechanic, then entered the French technology academy, in 2007, he had to find the possibility of mechanical and electronic together ideas, but unlike before, he succeeded.

In 2001, Frederic Garinaud into Abby APRP advanced machine core r&d center (left) in 2010, in 2005, he set up a special watch company CSH (Cellule des Specialites Horlogeres), the company achieved with him many little-known technology innovation and exploration. Frederic Garinaud and his team had an air show in 2006 demonstrated a special kind of rhombic material, after that he will be the results applied to the RM 022 rhombic titanium substrate, and it is not his first innovation, Richard miller agitation of the carbon fiber material is also created by him, the earliest Cartier complicated Privee DE Cartier is also one of his masterpieces. And harry Nixon Watch 8 is designed by the team development, astonishing and eventually.

Nixon Watches, of course, also not take of his forehead, which is its designers Frederic Garinaud inclination, inspired by the 1970 s LED digital watch at the same time. We have said before, Frederic Garinaud hope to combine machinery and electronics, and Nixon series features with the support of the harry Winston, allowing him to try this crazy idea. Nixon 8 design, modelling structure, derived from an old TV set at the same time using common not act art needle (Pinscreen/Pin art, a needle through the ups and downs show three-dimensional design art form) to display the time, it’s so stranger, Nixon 8 has the appearance of the traditional electronic watch, even on the back, also to “confused” people with decorative boards, but it is a standard form of manual mechanical watches.