Does LED+ umbrella has business opportunities? Look at these 9 ways.

LED’s charm is infinite, the infinite wisdom of human! LED and umbrella can play a lot of tricks, at least 9 kinds of play.

From simple to complex as follows.

1 the most basic play
.This kind of LED lighting umbrella is not different from the ordinary umbrella, but the umbrella handle is replaced by a small LED flashlight. If necessary, the torch can also take down, convenient and practical.
At night or in the rain walk, the use of LED luminous umbrella, can let the driver far to see you, reduce the accident occurrence; home alone at night, through the alley, under no street lights, LED light-emitting umbrella flashlights work can help your lighting.
If it is with your lover, the light umbrella can be called “warm male artifact”! Imagine, you don’t have to a holding the umbrella is a flashlight in hand, but propped umbrella and your lover to walk in the night, holding hands, more romantic ah!
2 automatic closing circuit
In addition to the use of the umbrella handle part of the battery, but also to form an automatic closing circuit, the LED light emitting device installed to the top of the umbrella.
3 beautiful appearance.It
Can make the light more beautiful romantic.
Can be made at the riverside, restaurants, parks and other leisure facilities with a parasol.
5 use solar panels
Surface outside the umbrella surface design flexible waterproof solar panels, the umbrella through sliding seat and the umbrella handle are movably connected, the sliding seat is provided with a solar energy controller, solar controller and flexible waterproof solar panels are connected through the umbrella bones embedded circuit; umbrella in the straight portion embedded with the battery through the umbrella embedded circuit and the solar energy controller is connected; storage batteries can be charged by the flexible waterproof solar panels; umbrella with by the USB interface of the protection and LED lighting lamp with the switch.
6 using liquid control circuit
Designer Park Sang-Kyun invented a unique liquid controlled luminous umbrella. The polymer is made of polymer film, which is equipped with a light emitting diode device, which is more and more bright in the rain.
This liquid controlled light emitting an umbrella, which is composed of three parts, an umbrella, an umbrella surface and an umbrella. Its characteristic is that the top of the umbrella is provided with a light emitting diode LED, a music integrated block, and a liquid (Yu Shui) resistance RL, which is provided with an umbrella in the umbrella. Liquid (Yu Shui) resistance RL and the trigger end of the music integrated block is a trigger circuit. The umbrella in the rain especially rainy night, rain water flows through the liquid (rain) resistor RL, which can trigger music integrated block to work, make the light emitting diode to emit flashing light, to remind pedestrians and vehicles to pay attention, in order to effectively ensure the rain in a rainy night to umbrella walking safety, rainproof effect is excellent.
7 using luminescent materials
8 increase the advanced function
In front of the umbrella handle is a LED flashlight. This flashlight can be made not only guide, but also video LED flashlight.
Hammacher Schlemmer, produced a video infrared flashlight, the name is used for lighting, but also will march in the process of video (yes, it can live radio) recorded the flashlight. Lighting part of the 3W led main light, also mix of 17 teeth infrared LED, even in the dark, also can clearly take 13 feet in the goods. However, because the quality of the video is too high, so 128MB memory can only record 15 seconds of the film.
9 big data wisdom
This LED umbrella is not used for lighting, but a LED sensor. Rain or shine, the umbrella is the thing that can carry. Air pollution index (API) is used to detect pollutants including suspended particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and other, fitted with the umbrella of the sensor, can detect air content of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, as well as the surrounding temperature and humidity data, reflecting air quality.
Through real-time data transmission, air quality will be in the umbrella of the surface of the LED lights flashing. Of course, the data will not be lost, but will be uploaded to the cloud database based on the time and place. R & D team hopes to allow more people to use this umbrella, the map on the full range of the city’s air quality.
Above is LED + umbrella

Here is 9 kinds of play. There are other ways to estimate. LED is tough enough!

LED lighting industry cross-border stripping,Is others more wonderful?

GE is reasonable to peel off the lighting business.

To become a world best infrastructure and technology company, General Electric (GE) has begun its subtraction strategy.It sold home appliances non core business at $3.3 billion price early last year , and the same is non core of the lighting business will become the next step to sell some concern.Because in recent years the traditional lighting business in the slow pace of transition to LED, in the international lighting giant Philips, OSRAM competition gradually pale. And then sell the LED lighting business (Lumileds), OSRAM split after the sale of the lighting business in PHILPS, lighting industry will undoubtedly look to the three giants of the GE. LED lighting industry competition intensified, the gross margin decline seriously, giant “warrior arm” is also reasonable.

GE recently announced the establishment of a combination of LED, GE, solar energy, energy storage and electric car business with the new company Predix platform, and named Current. The establishment of the Current company will be merged with the LED business and industrial customers in business, GE lighting will continue to sell LED light bulbs to the general consumer. History is surprisingly similar, Philips had Lumileds and automotive lighting division merged into a new company, and waiting for the right time to sell to a Chinese consortium. GE or it may follow this approach, as the results are so, and so it is announced.
According to the frequency of cross-border, industry competition is more exciting world outside?
On October 8, Shenzhen Lian Jian photoelectric Co., Ltd. released postponed the resumption and development of major asset restructuring announcement, the announcement said LianJian photoelectric plans to invest 20 billion acquisition of the four media enterprises.
In the increasingly fierce competition in the lighting industry, price competition, some enterprises funds fracture according to let industry gradually caught a piece of enterprise of melee fighting the “Red Sea”. And some enterprises with capital “run away”, cross-border development, so that many of the industry to see, it seems that the

“Outside of led line is more exciting”?
Lehman photoelectric cross-border undertakings of physical culture and sports, today’s sports career has become more development of Lehman shares two one of carriage; BDO reported revenue beautiful, approximate Sanan optoelectronics to 20.54 million RMB this year.It shows, BDO LED chip and application of operating income was 9.85 billion RMB, and small household electrical appliances industry with the also 1.025 billion RMB of revenue. Cross border development is so prosperous, then whether there will be more in the future to participate in the future, we will wait and see.
“Sampling” action in a wave of LED lamp is facing many quality questions
In recent years, due to the LED lamp frequency exposure quality scandals, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics of popular market in the near future, provinces and cities “sampling” action of waves, from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shaoxing, Liaoning and other parts of the Bureau of quality and technical supervision have disclosed the results show that, LED self ballasted lamp products, fixed general purpose lamps, portable general purpose luminaires, embedded lamps products of poor quality, including general lighting, Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd., Foshan Langshi Lighting Co. Ltd., Shanghai Beijing Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. Cui Jiang Xizhong lighting technology limited, photoelectric technology group (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Tianying light photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. and other 14 companies on the black list “”.
From around the sampling results can be seen LED lamp is faced with many quality inquired. Among them, self ballasted LED lamps unqualified products mainly concentrated in the interchangeability, lamp power, power factor, initial luminous efficiency / luminous flux and luminous flux maintain 3000h, color feature, power terminal disturbance voltage rate.

In addition, markers, internal and external wiring, heat-resistant, fire-resistant and resistance mark project, anti electric shock protection project standard and enterprise board Bureau of quality and technical supervision of unqualified list of key.
Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the current LED lamps in the standard, performance, failure rate and other aspects still exist many problems, the urgent need to strengthen the development of the industry to strengthen the efforts of enterprises, enterprises to increase self inspection, do not let the LED lights cast a shadow over the consumer.
Marriage Internet platform into a model of traditional enterprise transformation
Lighting industry began to gradually derived from the new form, there is no doubt that the new phase of the competition will also rely on emerging technologies and more effective business model, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also face more choices. Currently, the development of the Internet platform, the Internet is a traditional platform for the traditional enterprise network.
This time, Foshan lighting and Aladdin mall cooperation for the industry to actively integrate into the industry chain is no doubt a model of significance, the traditional channel type lighting companies and the vertical electric business platform of marriage trust will be more frequent. Of course, relying on the industry chain and the transformation of the market will be very rich in transition, the enterprise in the context of its own characteristics to a higher level of competition to promote the way will be more imaginative.
Emerging application areas help companies to avoid the Red Sea market
With the increasing price competition of LED lighting, many lighting companies are also trapped in the struggle of life line of embarrassment. More and more enterprises, began to focus on more application areas in order to break through the predicament. In addition to the well-known manufacturers, medical lighting, UVLED market is also more and more attention.
Compared to other areas, UVLED’s market size is relatively small, but the field of technology is difficult, the customer and other factors, resulting in the entry threshold is much higher than the lighting field.Now,the factory of Lano Led ice buckets offer more discount!