Lano Led Co.,Ltd Supply acrylic LED wine bucket bar KTV

Raw material: imported acrylic, nickname organic glass, acrylic, and coffee. Led ice buckets collection

Raw material properties: high transparency thermoplastic plastic material, compared with common glass, strong pressure resistance, high transparency, non-friable, easy processing, wide application, high demand, heat-resistant temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.
Material color: transparent, black, red, blue, green, white, specify the color can be customized.
The thickness of the material thickness: 1-120 MM, the thickness of the commonly used 2-20 MM, material thickness tolerance of plus or minus 0.3 MM, imported raw materials thickness tolerance of plus or minus 0.1 MM.
Product specifications: 20 * 20 high * 15 cm wide product size tolerance of plus or minus 0.5 MM
Product features: acrylic LED sign, light-emitting display card, light wine wine… And so on.
Technological process:
1. Cutting, laser cutting is a kind of contactless cutting method, can cut all sorts of patterns, such as font, using laser beams of light emitted from the light, according to the computer design drawings, cut out every part products accessories.
2. The punch: drilling holes, fixed the position of the acrylic sheet, start drilling; CNC punching, more convenient, we as long as the good design drawings on the computer, put the plate, according to the instruction key, the machine will automatically run the bore.
3. Polishing: for product surface polishing treatment, this process is through the traditional grinding, polishing, diamond polishing cloth round of polishing, flame, make the product surface smooth and bright, high-grade, fashion, don’t blow hand.
4. Hot bending, is to achieve by using the method of heat treatment, the acrylic sheet first heating, it become soft, such as fixed on setting mould, it cools, the product shape is formed.
5. Glue: it is a very strict process, the first well shaped clamp, fixed pieces with different acrylic, then along the interface of glue, after more than ten minutes, glue dry, products forming is OK.
6. Assembly: put in front of this process is completed, the parts assembly, so that a complete product came out, a pack a bag, multiple pack a carton, packing to complete all process.



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