Double plastic led ice bucket Bar French champagne

“Product name” LED ice bucket, LED champagne bucket, KTV champagne bucket

Long overall specification 】 【 bottom diameter 36.5 * 36.5 * 27.2 * 21 cm

The barrel body mass 】 PC material Gross weight 1.9 kg weight of ice bucket 】 【 lamp net weight 1.7 kg charger 45 g in weight.

【 ice bucket source 】 import LED lamp bead 54; 0.03 w * 16 PCS high brightness light bead, the whole lamp 0.5 watts.

【 battery configuration 】 : rechargeable lithium battery 1800 milliampere 3 PCS

Electrical appliances use 】 【 220 ac power. A single charge please control within 4 hours, charging time is too long battery life.

CE, ROHS, FDA, UL certification 】

【 function 】 colorful glow, eight remote control functions, and rechargeable lights dim light, flashing speed adjustment, color, and other functions of full-color LED ice bucket. It can be used in a single static (fixed) color or color change effect as long as you press the button

【 suitable space 】 the bar Evening KTV night club clubhouse snack restaurant home camping, etc.

“Purchase information”

1. Our baby is direct manufacturers, price is absolute advantage, big can also offers!

2. Our lamps and lanterns of accessories (batteries, chargers, power lines, LED light source) and are used by the national authoritative quality inspection department inspection qualified, through the CE ROHS certification standards related to CCC. Than the general product more environmental protection, fire prevention, high temperature resistant, etc.

3. Our baby photo images are all 100%, due to the photographic equipment, technology and computer resolution is different and so on May cause pictures are beautiful enough, or physical objects is a bit off color. Therefore, commodity color in kind prevail;

Taken 4. Our baby spot supply. Buyers usually deliver within 1-2 days after payment. Special circumstances (such as peak power/holiday/build/sell like hot cakes products out of stock, and so on and so forth) 1-5 days to delay the delivery. So please take before consulting our s are the products in the spot, lest delay your time.

5. Baby if damaged in transit from our own. Buyer when the goods should be check, if there is any breakage, shall be indicated in the delivery or logistics single contact with our shop, we’ll reissue accessories.

“Shipping instructions” 1. The way to pay Due to the affinity region and purchase quantity, the freight is different also, our all goods freight standard 0.01 yuan, said we did not charge any freight cost. Taken by the buyer after the baby, according to the actual weight charge by the transportation company directly to kiss!

2. Advance is good buyers and sellers to determine the postage in advance, after the buyer to pay the postage to our shop, from our own collection to express company.

Trend of Led green environmentalprotection to become the world’s wine packaging

In excessive packaging and packaging waste pollution become obstacle of the development of the packaging industry, is developing toward the direction of the Led green environmentalprotection packing. The development trend of this will promote the development of green packaging material industry. Recently, the United States has launched the world’s first paper packaging bottle of wine, and in the future development of wine packaging expectations of flexible plastic, folding boxes and corrugated carton requirements will be the highest in the world. Visible global wine packaging are moving in the direction of the development of Led green environmentalprotection.

With the development of economy, people’s living standards continue to improve, also rise to the requirement of product packaging. This will promote the development of packaging industry, packaging has become a real product now, and its products. With the development of environmental protection consciousness, now the global packaging industry is developing towards the direction of the Led green environmentalprotection.

Recently, the us packaging company Green Bottle gao prison California wine makers Truett – Hurst, launched in the us the world’s first Bottle of wine packaging, paper label by Stranger&Stranger attempts. Paperboy paper bottle made from recycled paper compression, weight only 65 grams, is 1/7 of the ordinary glass bottle weight. Packaging printing label adopted natural color printing ink, instauration personal design, with a long as freckles, ran damn little newsboy shout. Paper bottle outside is modified plastic recycled material similar to that of the boxed wine tank.

Green Bottle general manager marc introduction of eve, said: “this paper Bottle is very strong, can use ice bucket safety even iced three hours.” Of the filling inside the bottle is the 2012 vintage red wine blend of paso robles region, the current has Safeway supermarket shelves in the United States. He revealed, “paper for our bottle packaging for export to the United States, in California and advertising is not only a milestone, it is a first, let’s believe paper bottle has a great power in the world wine market.”

The importance of packaging for the product sales, particularly in red wine, “grade” packaging plays an important role for red wine. Packaging mostly leather box wooden box packaging, some even more expensive than red wine also. It is just the embodiment of excessive packaging. After drinking red wine at the same time, the packing box are good for nothing, it is both a waste of resources and environment of a kind of pollution. Now in the pursuit of the green economic development, the development trend of Led green environmentalprotection has become a red wine packaging.

2014 New design LED ICE BUCKET

Product description

Product name: light led bar ice bucket Product

Product size: 82 * 82 * 110 product material: PE

Waterproof level: IP54 voltage range: 100-240 – v

Dc voltage: 5 v battery life: wh 5 w – 8

Charging time: 6-8 h work time: 10 to 12 h

Using power: 3-4 w electronic certification: CE, ROSHS, UL

Battery capacity: 4400 mah packaging transportation: PE plastic bags + cartons

Shipping details: all freight is to pay the production cycle: 15-25 days

Product color: the product itself is white, quantity can make to order other colors.

Light color: RGBLED, can use the remote control or button into 16 kinds of colour. Can be fixed a kind of color, the dynamic changes in color.

Roll forming -The production process of Led ice bucket

Roll forming is also called the spiral model, Rotational molding,, rotary forming, such as English expression for Rotational Moulding. Roll forming process is first will join the rest of the mould of plastic raw materials, and then die along two vertical axis rotation and heating, a mould of plastic raw materials under the action of gravity and thermal energy, evenly coated, gradually melt adhesive on the entire surface of the cavity, forming the shape of the required, then through shaped by cooling products.

Processing of plastics and its composites molding process there are many kinds of, in addition to our common extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, plastic and plastic products of a processing method. Plastic industrial development soon, at present, foreign and domestic due to various factors, such as slower processing cycle and the limit of the material used, rotomolding industry development speed is lower than other plastic molding processing industry.

Plastic products is important to note that the production efficiency is very low, typically a product must in 30 to 60 minutes before the time of production, including forming, cooling, disassembling mold. So the quantity of the products is by the number of the mould, can rotate multiple mould computer at the same time production.

The characteristics of rotomolding technology (Rotomold) is:

Plastic mould cost is low: 1. The size of the same specification product, the cost is about blow molding, plastic mould injection mould cost 1/3 to 1/4.

Plastic products 2. Good edge strength, rotomolding can realize the edge of the product is more than 5 mm thick, completely solve the problem of hollow products edge thinner;

Plastic can put various inserts; 3.

4. The shape of the plastic products can be very complex, and the thickness of more than 5 mm;

Plastic can be totally enclosed products; 5.

6. Plastic foam products can fill materials and heat preservation.

7. Do not need to adjust the mould, plastic products of wall thickness can be adjusted.

8. Hollow seamless products, but you can adjust the wall thickness, make the products with high strength.

9. Can provide a variety of surface pattern processing, production of various kinds of color products, can make uv anti-aging treatment, for a variety of stone, wood simulation effect.