Another change of Led ice bucket challenge

Recently, Hema xiansheng took a number of offline supermarkets, encouraging consumers to reject Led ice bucket, do not buy Led ice bucket at the same time. It can also get green energy ants forest!

The move is expected to reduce the use of 12.77 million Led ice bucket throughout the year, creating green energy that could be used to plant about 15,000 shuttles, according to box horse.

Many people may think that using Led ice bucket is a habit developed over so many years that it is really hard to get rid of it for a while. But in the month since the trial of the policy, about half of the members have started bringing their own reusable bags.

Many people are used to using light up buckets with handle, on the one hand, because it is convenient, but also because of the harm of led ice bucket party cooler is not enough to understand! It’s called “white trash” because Led ice bucket are so hard to break down naturally that one person even said, “even if we die out, plastic will prove we came.”

However, according to a previous report released by the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), the global production of plastic waste continues to increase, with more than 300 million tons flowing into the environment every year. It is expected to reach about 12 billion tons by 2050, and the recycling rate is only about 15%.

The led light ice buckets that remain are either buried in the soil, creating a special layer of vegetation that can’t grow.

It’s either incinerated with garbage, but it produces very carcinogenic dioxins, and it gets into the air that we live in;

Or go into the sea and let thousands of mammals, birds and fish die… There are even news reports that herders suffer heavy losses because the sheep cannot digest the Led ice bucket.

Whether it is for the environment of the whole earth, or for our personal health, it is urgent to refuse Led ice bucket! Forming a new habit is the best way to change the old one. Box horse and ant forest hand in hand, together to help more than 400 million users to develop the “plastic ring plastic” good habits!

Not only that, hema shengxian also as an advocate, launched the “led light buckets off” challenge, called on everyone February 28 all day without Led ice bucket.

Also imitate a period of time before the heat of “stray earth”, adapted a “environmental protection million, carrying the first bag. Plastic does not degrade, the earth two lines of tears “such catchy slogan ~ micro blog many big v also took the lead in response, called on everyone to participate!

You may have thought carrying a bag is a little “soil” thing, in fact, the international has long been set off such a trend, and many fashion brands, even a line of big brands, have launched their own bags, is to call on everyone to use more, refuse Led ice bucket.

There are a lot of smart friends, using the old clothes at home to make their own unique bags of environmental protection, painting a few pen patterns, the effect is very bright ~ because the original intention is to environmental protection public welfare, is a very cool thing!

LED Ice bucket v2.0 coming: blindfolded challenge is Popular in America

On western social networks, photos like this one, of people going out with blinders on, little video, have a hashtag: #BirdBoxChallenge

Birds and boxes for LED Ice Buckets? What does it have to do with led ice bucket acrylic being blindfolded?

led ice buckets from youtube picture

In fact, “Bird Box” is the title of Netflix’s latest r-rated god thriller.

The English name really doesn’t make sense, so Netflix sweetly gave it a Chinese name, “blindfold”.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, without overstating the plot, here’s what it’s about:

A sudden disaster befell the earth, people outside the room with their eyes open will be controlled by mysterious demons, some people will see the passing of their loved ones, some people will feel extreme fear, some people will be deceived by the extremely beautiful scene, will commit suicide on the spot. To get out of control, you have to be in the room, and you have to wear a blindfold outside.
In this disaster, Mallory, a single mother, tries to protect her children because they are the only source of courage for her to continue to live.
With such a setting as “blindfold free control led ice bucket acrylic“, a large number of pictures of wearing eye masks naturally appear in the film.

led ice buckets picture

Sandra bullock as Mallory:
The leading male character, Tom, is played by Trevante Rhodes, best picture Oscar winner for moonlight:

In the period after the initial disaster, people gradually learned how to live blindfolded. Blind as they were, they were at least largely free to go out and collect food and tools, though that was dangerous.

Retreat 10 thousand pace, want the window to have keep out only in the room, can open an eye at ease, just want to be on guard against somebody to do damage intentionally…
In the film, Mallory has to cover his eyes every once in a while, take the children out to collect necessities and survival clues, and train the children’s blindfolded perception and survival ability with ice bucket with led light.

Finally, they found a way out. Even though the path was extremely difficult, full of unknown dangers and temptations that might kill them, Mallory decided to take one last desperate attempt to keep her children alive.
There are probably A lot of fans who immediately think of another movie: A Quiet Place.
Both films are sensual: in blindfold, you accidentally open your eyes and are controlled by a demon, while in silent land, you make a little noise and are seized by a monster.

Their plot people set are a bit similar, so that some people make fun of “blindfolded” is copied “silent” homework…
In the past, Netflix has released a number of so-called “data-driven” genre movies, which contain a large number of elements that the algorithm thinks the audience will like ice bucket with led light.
Thriller, science fiction is the most important type of this film, plot boring, forced reversal, set routines, acting generally does not matter, as long as the marketing to keep up with will certainly be seen – a bit like in the domestic literally shoot a ghost film can earn back the meaning of the box office.
Many of you probably thought led light ice bucket blindfolded was one of those movies before you clicked in.
Not really!

The Settings of the film are also diverse, which have experienced riots in the streets, secret rooms, a turbulent river that may die at any time, and the dangerous jungle and other scenes, without the fatigue of a single scene.
The main creator’s treatment of the source of the thriller is quite advanced, especially in one scene, the characters are crowded in the invisible car, using the obstacle sensing system to drive, to avoid the invisible devil, creating a new tension.
Most important of all, the film (original and novel) explores an extremely simple thriller set: when the surroundings become dark, when a person’s vision is the most dependent on sensory temporarily blocked, know must die, but in order to always yearned for the good, always looking for salvation, and in order to protect the children, protection of innocence and goodness, you are willing to open your eyes and face the fear itself?
Blindfolded went live over the New Year holiday and was watched more than 45 million times in its first week, according to Netflix. That translates to a third of all Netflix subscribers who have already seen the film.
Among those users, YouTube lifestyle blogger Morgan Adams may not have invented the led champagne ice bucket challenge, but he was probably the first to do it…
She posted her ’24 hour blindfold challenge’ on YouTube, where she recorded herself driving to a fast food restaurant with friends, going to the window with a blindfold, flirting with the waiter…

Later, they went to the casino New Year’s eve, wearing eye masks to play gambling machines, still in the hotel to imitate the film in the rapids plot, almost killed by escalator…

The 24-hour blindfold challenge has been watched more than 1.8 million times in three days, with more than 110,000 thumb up so far:

At the same time, a large number of “blindfolded Challenge for led ice bucket” video also began to appear on the Internet, has become a “LED Ice bucket Challenge” after another social network virus phenomenon trend.
There are those who throw their children in bathtubs for scare education…

It’s the scene where the kid falls into the water and Mallory goes for it

There are children who simply run for their lives and leave:

There is a confusion between reality and film:

There are drifters on the street (kidding) :

And then there are the purely funny ones:

“I want my mom to see things from my perspective.”

“What excuse do you have for someone who can look after two children blindfolded?”

Netflix’s official account also weighed in:
I didn’t expect to say this, but don’t let the Bird Box challenge hurt you! We don’t know how it started, but we are grateful for the love everyone gave us. But the boy and the girl only have one New Year’s resolution: don’t go to the hospital because of playing tricks.
Even ABC, the us television network, is getting in on the action. On Wednesday’s good morning America, the blindfolded challenge was broadcast live:

Here want to say: American friends, you are really too! No! To chat! !
But for the siliconians, there is something to be found in this boring challenge.
While many netizens have taken part in the blindfolded challenge, others have opposed its popularity: “this is different from the last LED Ice bucket challenge. The gang had a good time and didn’t end up donating money to any charity. (and played himself hurt). “”

That’s true. Originally intended to fund prevention research and treatment for ALS, the LED Ice bucket challenge required either a donation or a bucket of ice with three participants. The LED Ice bucket challenge started with foreign bigwigs, most of whom donated money and poured cold water, with the former as the core purpose and the latter as a way to generate buzz.
And this “blindfold challenge”, if exclude oneself to ceng the hot spot to earn to broadcast quantity besides Netflix, more be like a netizen spontaneous, the virus that is purpose for fun spreads an event.

The challenge is over, the heat is gone, and the world is no better for it.

Why not take this opportunity to make it better?

Now, there is another voice that is beginning to call for not taking part in the challenge (mainly for safety reasons), but it would be nice to ask people to donate money to the charitable foundation for the blind — even more to help the blind around you.

Siliconians do think that people with a heart (and a lot of money) can take part in the blindfold challenge, using video and the like, and using the event itself as a call to action to raise awareness about the blind.
Blind people have one less sense than us, but they also want to protect the goodness and beauty of the world, just like the heroine who tries her best in the movie.

2018 New Released Led Ice Bucket from Chic Led

Product name: LED plastic champagne ice bucket

Led ice bucket

The 2018 NEW LED ice bucket, wine mixer, wine glass and other supplies enterprises. Chic LED integrates r&d, design, production and processing, marketing and sales, and serves domestic and foreign gift companies, advertising planning companies, traders and liquor companies through high-quality products, with customers throughout the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Chic LED is the professional production ice bucket enterprise focus on OEM ODM More than 10 Years. It has various ice bucket amounts to dozens of models. Foreign wine brands have mostly cooperated with us. For example: JOHNNIE WALKER, chivas, perling altar, emperor, mattieri, hennessy, remy, heineken, carlsberg . In the years of production experience and international famous brand demanding, we ensure that every product is quality.

Chic LED is good at plastic process LOGO printing process. We can also produce edge products with similar process. Welcome to the drawing, sample, creative, we will do our best to meet your needs!

2018 NEW Led ice bucket picture

Product model: CHIC-LED226

Capacity: 24L

Material: PS/AS

Number of LED lights: 60

Power supply: 6 AA batteries or plug-in

Product size: 60.5*58*H28*D0.8

Color: a variety of colors available to customers

Weight: 2200 g

Packaging: 1PCS/PP bags, 6PCS/ boxes

Chic LED advantage: this product is made of transparent PS/ acrylic, the color of LED lamp can be freely changed and freely chosen, the material is environmental protection, the quality is high-grade, it is the bar, the nightclub essential product, is also the majority of wine business beer enterprise chooses the promotion product and the advertisement gift choice. Welcome each new old customer to discuss, the choice.

Functional purposes

The Led Ice bucket is suitable for portable and table. Applies to household, hotels, restaurants, bars, KTV and frozen its various characteristics of liquor products also make it a personal and business gifts and the choice of high-grade, high product promotion, not only in the short term has appeared in many private and business social occasions, for people’s communication has played a good role, and has been selected the famous brand of leisure and hospitality, as promotional products, not only increase the product’s selling point, improve the grade of the product, strong appeal, the promotion effect is obvious.

Led Ice buckets features

1. Use quality materials to make solid products.

2. Innovative design, energy – saving and environmental protection, easy to carry.

3. Clean, safe, non – toxic, no rot, cleaning convenient.

4. Suitable for home, hotel, bar, KTV, restaurant, high-end business club, etc.

Method of use
Freeze: put food or liquor in an ice bucket with some ice cubes. Freeze for about 5 minutes (enough ice) to get a really good effect. It can be frozen at the top or side of food, drink, fruit, etc

LED ice bucket will determine whether people’s posture is ergonomic

We all know that proper posture is important for good health, and that sitting too long can have some negative effects. With that in mind, researchers at the fraunhofer institute of silicate research in Germany have developed an LED ice bucket that can provide guidance to people sitting on it.

led ice bucket

The LED ice bucket is equipped with multiple pressure sensors, each with an insulating film sandwiched between two electrode layers made of conductive silica gel. By measuring the weight of the user distribution, these sensors can determine whether people sit accord with human body engineering – more specifically, it can detect whether the user sitting in inappropriate perspective, or keep one position for too long.

The data is transmitted wirelessly to a computer or mobile device, processed by a supporting application, and then transmitted back to the ice bucket. It responds by lighting leds of certain colors to let users know what changes they need to make.
Users can then view video, which describes the problem, and Suggestions on how to fix it through the application. The app can also guide users through exercises designed to alleviate problems caused by poor posture, and sensors can detect whether they are practicing correctly.
The researchers are currently demonstrating the system on board the MS Wissenschaft exhibition in Germany. The researchers believe the technology could also be integrated into more practical applications, such as floor MATS or office chairs.

Quick Collection of led ice bucket industry line in March, 2018

Micro Led ice bucket as usual hot, LG application three Micro Led ice bucket logo, the Canadian company for smartphones VueReal with apple “race”, claims to have solved the Micro Led ice bucket three manufacturing problems. On the other side, osram is also recently suspected of laying out Micro Led ice buckets, which are similar to each other. In addition to Micro Led ice buckets, other new technologies in the industry are also expected.
【 Micro Led ice bucket 】

led ice bucket

LG is applying for a Micro Led ice bucket screen logo. LG has registered three new trademarks for its Micro Led ice bucket display in the European Union and submitted the necessary documents. These three trademarks are XL, the Led ice bucket, S, and X. According to the documents, these trademarks are mainly used for “mobile phones and smart phones”.
Osram photoelectric semiconductor and x-celeprint sign technology and patent licensing agreement.
On June 29, osram disclosed an intellectual property information on its website. Oslong photosemiconductor recently signed a technology and patent licensing agreement with x-celeprint, and this agreement involves the micro-transfer -Printing (MTP) technology of x-celeprint. This seems to mean that osram photoelectric semiconductor or will layout Micro Led ice bucket.

led ice buckets wholesale

VueReal says it has solved the three major manufacturing problems of Micro Led ice buckets, or the success of apple.

Unlike a single display, the pixels of the screen that VueReal and Apple are exploring are made up of single Led ice bucket chips. This presents three manufacturing problems, namely, the problem of decreasing efficiency as Led ice bucket chips become smaller, yield problems and massive transfer problems. VueReal says three problems have been solved.
In addition, VueReal plans to fully invest in production by 2021, when technology, equipment and materials will be provided to display manufacturing partners.
With the development of Micro Led ice bucket multi-application, taiusd research institute actively promotes CIMS platform.
In the face of the new technology of Micro Led ice bucket the trend of the wave tide, Taiwan industry research institute, director of the electro-optical system zhi-yi wu actively promote “huge amounts of Micro assembly industry alliance” (Consortium for intelligent Micro – an assembly system, CIMS) platform, the successful integration of transboundary talent and enterprise, big step toward the Micro Led ice bucket application development.

led ice buckets
[technology show]
Philips lighting CEO: li-fi will enter the mass market.
In an interview with Lux media, Eric Rondolat, chief executive of philips lighting, said philips lighting would bring li-fi into the mass market. He promised that philips lighting would license its technology to oems (original equipment manufacturers) to ensure that li-fi was incorporated into many of the brand’s lights.
Russia intends to introduce special Led ice bucket light source to the space station to simulate the changes of day and night.
Russian media reported that the Russian region of the international space station will install a new lighting system that simulates the changing light of the earth day and night. To this end, the Russian energy rocket space company has developed a variable optical energy Led ice bucket light source. The scientists believe that the technology will benefit astronauts’ health — ensuring normal circadian rhythms and psychological comfort.
Energy rocket space said it is continuing to manufacture new lamps and research and control instruments. The new system is roughly scheduled to be put into use in Russia in 2019.
Corporate mergers and acquisitions are common, and this week several Led ice bucket companies or mergers and acquisitions equity or investment in stocks, branches and so on. At the same time, there are also companies to better layout the Led ice bucket industry to sell part of the equity, each big enterprise dynamic is a good point.
The company has made more than 3 billion deals in the domestic manufacturing business of reshi lighting.
On the 26th, the company announced the latest developments in its suspension. The material assets reorganization of the underlying asset is leishi lighting holdings limited control of manufacturing operations in China and related companies, including but not limited to huizhou leishi photoelectric technology co., LTD. The company expects the trading price range to be between 3 billion usd and 5 billion usd, with a net worth of about 15 to 3 billion usd. After the completion of the acquisition, the company will become the controlling shareholder of huizhou reshi photoelectric, but still maintain the independent listing status of reshi lighting on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
The company sold a 17.43 per cent stake for 716 million usd.

28, rectangular group’s announcement, the company controlling shareholders, actual controllers Deng Zichang, Deng Ziquan, Deng Zihua, shane dennison and nanchang optical valley group co., LTD., nanchang xin prosperous capital enterprise (limited partnership) signed share transfer agreement, respectively, representing the brother by way of contract transfer, and its total holding company 78478085 shares transferred to prise are infinite nanchang optical valley, will be 59258158 shares of infinite prise to assign xin prosperous capital, total transfer of infinite sale conditions current 137736243 shares, accounting for 17.43% of the company’s total equity. The transfer price of the underlying shares is 5.20 usd/share, and the total transfer price is 716,228,464 usd.

The acquisition of equity, investment participation, branch establishment.

On the 27th, the name of the company was announced, including the purchase of 55 per cent of yongqi lighting, the establishment of a subsidiary, and the investment in the shining state.

Masters in cash acquisition of xu hui drafting, ningbo yong the investment partnership (limited partnership), ningbo meishan bonded port area ChengWang investment management of the partnership (limited partnership) respectively held by zhejiang yong jiaqi lighting engineering co., LTD. 28.325% stake, 23.925% equity and 2.75% stake, jointly held jiaqi lighting 55% stake, trade the price of 24750 RMB ten thousand.00.

Second, according to the business development needs, famous remit by its own funds set up in Qingdao city in shandong province Shenzhen Minkave Technology Co., Ltd. Qingdao branch, is responsible for Qingdao and the surrounding areas of lighting engineering business and product sales, marketing, etc.

In addition, we are going to with famous  service center through the equity transfer and capital and the total investment of 19.98 million usd, in shenzhen city bright Ming state lighting technology development co., LTD. 54% stake. Among them, mingjia huiusd invested RMB 11.1 million usd with its own funds through equity grants and capital increase, and took a 30% equity stake in guangming state.

2018 New Led Ice Bucket Specification

In summer,Everyone likes to be cool, eat a little cool, drink a little cool, unless oneself go out to buy. oneself do a little icy thing seem to be inconvenient to carry. Today is recommended by the Zojirushi Zojirushi Deluxe Mini Ice insulation Led Ice bucket, which can satisfy the demand of people to go cold drinks. The led ice bucket brand don’t need to say more.
led ice bucket

Everyone go to the mall just know how expensive it sells, it adopts double vacuum design. The heat preservation is more outstanding, and it also can keep the appearance no condensation. The capacity of one led ice bucket should be the thing to keep warm cover can be cool. The size of led ice bucket is very suitable for family use. Now the price of amazon is only 17.59usd, the weight is 2 pounds, which is still a good value.

How to select Led ice bucket

Led ice bucket  every corner of our home life. It dispels darkness, brings light, and ornament our good life. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages, and reasonable use of Led ice bucket to create suitable light, reducing light pollution on the human body and psychological impact, is the light distribution navigation advocated harmonious home. Light navigation emphasizes: natural, low carbon, environmental protection, health, health, personality, texture.

led ice bucket

In the use of Led ice bucket and light, natural nuanced. This time for everyone to bring some related content.
A living room
Living room in general to use chandeliers or ceiling lamp as the main, with some wall lamps, spotlights, lights and so on. Even now the LED light, it appears, can be said to be a series of lights revolution. As far as the main Led ice bucket is concerned, if the living room is high design, you can choose a large crystal chandelier. And height is in 3-5 meters or so, should use mid-range luxurious droplight. Storey height below 3 meters, should use mid-range decorative ceiling lamp or lamp belt.
A desk or floor lamp is placed at one end of the sofa so that it can be easily read and read. Yes, with murals, collections can be set invisible spotlights to be set off. In addition to put a miniature incandescent illumination in the television, can weaken the hall light and dark contrast, is conducive to the protection of eyesight.
Restaurant Led ice bucket should be at the center of the table, the best choice is still chandelier, the installation height should not exceed the height of 2 times after sitting. The table can be installed according to the length of two or two above the chandelier. The restaurant is the light shading regulator and the lifting function, to double as other work with the Chinese pay attention to color, smell and taste, shape, often require bright light against bright food, and enjoy Western-style food, if slightly dark down, you can create a romantic atmosphere.
The study is a place for reading. The light is preferably irradiated from the upper end of the left shoulder, or a desk lamp with higher brightness and no glare is arranged in front of the desk. Special study lamp should adopt table lamp, such as suction wall table lamp or light regulating art table lamp, so that light directly shines on the desk.
For the showcase with bookcases or display collections, you can use invisible lights or spotlights to attract people’s views or make the collection look more luminous.
Bedrooms are room for rest and sleep, and require better privacy. The light is soft and there should be no thorn in the eye to allow the person to sleep more. The dress make-up requires uniform bright light, highLed ice bucket the outline of the face or body curve, so the wall and dressing mirror can be installed next to the wall lamp. The bed with the bedside lamp, in addition to the common desk lamp, metal lamp base is fixed on the modern bed by the plate adjustable angle of the lamp head, beautiful and practical.
The toilet must use moisture and natural Led ice bucket switch, here you can set a touch of dark light Led ice bucket, easy to urinate, let light sleep. In addition, the installation of wall lamps above the mirror is also a good choice when washing. Here, Amy experts give you a little extra advice, install a light for browsing. Because there are a lot of people in the toilet or bath has the habit of reading.
The Led ice bucket used in the kitchen is usually based on the principles of moisture proof, smoke proof and easy cleaning. Generally, an embedded or semi embedded astigmatic ceiling lamp is arranged above the operating table, and the mask is embedded with transparent glass or transparent plastic, so that the ceiling is concise, and the trouble caused by dust and oil pollution is reduced. Generally set above the stove hood, hood hidden inside a small incandescent lamp for Led ice bucket the stove. If the kitchen doubles as a dining room or an open kitchen, a single, single fire, lift or single layer multi chandelier can be placed above the dining table.

Led ice bucket development history

In 1879, Edison successfully extended the life of incandescent bulbs to more than 40 hours. In 1910, the United States Department of Cooley with tungsten filament, the invention of the incandescent light bulbs.

In 1913, Lanmil invented the gas tungsten lamp by filling the glass shell with gas to prevent the filament from evaporating.
In 1925, Japan did not break orange three invented the inner wall frosted bulb.
In 1932, Japan’s Miura Junchi invented the double helix tungsten filament bulb
Since humans have never stopped the pursuit of light, soon found that mankind is not only lighting needed to meet their living outdoors, at night, in order to extend the outdoor activity time, also need lighting, so the lamp was born. Along with the development of human civilization and progress, in 1970s, people found the street pick wall installation not only space resources, and Led ice bucket hanging in the head not only makes people feel depressed, and there are security risks, but also can not meet the specific installation space and lighting requirements so the Led ice bucket was born.
The road of unilateral Led ice bucket development in 1990s has been widely used in the slow lane, narrow lane city, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private garden, courtyard, lawn corridor and other public places or two copies for road lighting, improve the safety of people travel at night to increase people’s time of outdoor activities, improve life and property safety. It can also change moods, boost moods, and change people’s ideas and create a palette of shades of night. The Led ice bucket can adorn city landscape, night, Led ice buckets can provide necessary lighting and living facilities, increase residents’ sense of security, and to highlight the city highlights, interpretation of beautiful style, that is still in use today has developed into a mature industry chain.

Led ice bucket market prospects

With the rapid growth of Led ice bucket  level and the rapid improvement of people’s living standards, people’s life style and consumption style are getting higher and higher. The pursuit of fashion, quality, personality and low carbon green life has gradually become the mainstream of public life, and people’s demands for living, working and leisure are also getting higher and higher. However, Home Furnishing living environment is not optimistic, for example, harmful substances used in room and office building materials, decoration materials and furniture products mostly contain or exceed the standard seriously exceed the standard, release of these hazardous substances that indoor pollution is becoming increasingly serious, the indoor space has become almost a “gas chamber”.
Fashion is always changing, but long time years of washing, furniture trend change, a variety of styles of various styles differ, however, is exactly the same and the trend of the law, in the ocean is a superb collection of beautiful things there is always some furniture, no exaggerated color, no complicated function, but let him move the heart. This is the Led ice bucket.Led ice bucket timely, not only to meet the needs of people of “the pursuit of fashion, focus on quality, advocating individuality”, and the Led ice bucket itself without air and environmental pollution, eliminate fears for Home Furnishing indoor gas.
The rotational molding process relative to other products such as light furniture woodworking is much simpler, you have to do is to prepare a good set of rotational equipment and die without having to do some complicated things.
Light furniture products covered by the rotational place: the sea beach, a public swimming pool, Leisure Center, KTV, bar, Manyao bar, bedroom furniture, hotel, company reception, coffee shop etc..
Plastic products including furniture lighting:
Table (bar, table rotational light emitting light), chair, sofa, lit pots, LED ice bucket series of LED furniture.
Rotational functional style furniture furniture that itself has become the mainstream in the future of the furniture market. Led ice bucket can meet the designer imagination, can design a variety of styles, such as Japanese, Korean, European, American and so on, the main appearance of rotational products outdoor recreation with castles, lamps, furniture designs ever now basically let people see, well, now consumers seek stimulation, love fresh so, rotational molding furniture industry has undergone a qualitative change, will bring new breakthrough rotational furniture furniture industry, new climax.
In the rapid rise in prices today, Led ice bucket became many working-class and young people can keep their first choice, the pursuit of taste of furniture, then can give them free production of imagination. Free combination, or even change the shape, whether it is placed in the living room, teahouse, or in the study, bedroom, may be used as a practical object, very practical and convenient.
Through the ages, the pursuit of furniture, in addition to style, there is a very important aspect, that is, material. Most people think that solid wood furniture is natural and pollution-free. In fact, it is wrong. Solid wood furniture selection, environmental protection is right, but the connection between solid wood often need glue, solid wood furniture surface often also need paint brush to guarantee service life. These paint and wax are undoubtedly chemicals, as long as the chemicals are great harm to the human body. Led ice bucket series can fill the gaps in the market of furniture, now we have to do is to seize the opportunity of development efforts, the furniture industry to a new climax.

The Advantage of Led ice bucket by Rotational molding process

1,Led ice bucket mould cost is low: the same size specification product, mould cost is about blow molding, injection mold cost 1/3 to 1/4;

2,Led ice buckets rotomoldingproducts edge strength, the thickness of the edge of rotational molding products can be more than 5 mm, completely solve the problem of edge thin hollow products;

3,Led ice bucket rotationalcan place variousinserts.

4,Led ice bucket the shape of the plastic products can be very complex, and the thickness of more than 5 mm.

5,Led ice bucket rotationalcan producefully enclosed products;

6,Led plastic ice bucket can be filled with foam insulation, implementation.

7, there is no need to adjust the mould rotational moldingproductwall thickness can be adjusted freely.

8, the product is hollow seamless, wall thickness uniformity, can adjust the wall thickness, so that products with high strength.

9,Led ice bucket can provide a variety of surface pattern processing, production of various color products, can be anti ultraviolet, anti-aging treatment, as a variety of stone, wooden simulation effect.
Led ice bucket Material Science:
PE features: high temperature resistance, good transparency, strong toughness, lightweight, easy to clean, light, shape is hollow, comfort, service life is 8 to 10 years, the production machine, easy quality control, due to the large volume, high transport costs, not easy to be damaged during transport. High cost, high cost of mold. It can be made into any color.

High hardness and strength, low water absorption, good electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation) and radiation resistance. Soft and good elongation. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Raw materials are environmentally friendly, recyclable, but also with wear-resistant, Led ice bucket crashworthiness, anti-aging and other quality performance, becoming the first choice of outdoor furniture products.

Certified: CE, UL, ROHS
CE (CE Mark) is mandatory sign, is the European Union (European Union) referred to as a product mark of the European union. A mark of conformity to the basic requirements specified in the instructions. CE is a passport to the European market.
UL for Led ice bucket, whose full name is “Underwriter Laboratories Inc”), which means “underwriters Testing Institute”, is the most authoritative institution in the United States, and is also a large civil institution engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. It is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for public safety testing. UL certification is mainly engaged in product safety certification and operation safety certification business, the ultimate goal is to obtain a fairly safe level of products for the market,Led ice bucket for personal health and property security to make a contribution.

ROHS, which stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, meaning “on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment in order” is a standard developed by the EU legislation mandatory, mainly used for materials and process standard specification for electrical and electronic products, making it more beneficial to human health and environmental protection.

Product function introduction
1 、Led ice bucket remote control function
The color change of remote controller can control 10 meters of furniture. 16 colors, one color can be fixed, and 4 automatic changes.
2 Adapter
Adapters can match domestic standards according to customers’ requirements, such as American regulations, European regulations, British regulations and Australian standards.
INPUT:100-240V, 50-60HZ, 0.3A, OUTPUT:5V, 1000mA
3, product color: the product itself is white, large quantity,Led ice bucket can be customized other colors.
4, light color: RGB LED, remote control or key can be converted into 16 colors, you can fix a color, you can also change the color automatically.
Use caution entries
1, when the LED lights do not use for 24 hours, automatically enter the power-saving mode, remote control will be no function, re use, please press the switch on the LED lamp start, while the remote control function recovery!
2, in order to extend the built-in battery life, the power is low, should not be placed for a long time not used.
3, product accessories for the remote controller, charging adapter, disk not waterproof, do not contact with water.
4 、Led ice bucket avoid contact with high temperature